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This extremely versatile cement exhibits low expansion properties and is recommended for porcelain-fused-tometal, composite, Zirconia, Alumina-based restorations, and posts. By eliminating the etching, priming, and bonding steps, both postoperative sensitivity and procedure time are drastically reduced, improving peace-ofmind and freeing up precious chair time. Available in 3 shades: (A2, Translucent, and Opacecous White), Breeze cement supports esthetic restorations and provides flexibility with ideal working and setting times. When cementing indirect restorations, clinicians demand a product that is simple and convenient to use while providing high bond strength. Breeze cement’s versatility doesn’t come at the expense of bond strength. After devoting time and energy creating a restoration to improve a patient’s smile and self-esteem, don’t settle for less than ideal adhesive materials for placement. Make cementation a Breeze.

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Great cement.
I have had zero patient complaints due to post cementation sensitivity when using this product, but it is a pain to use. It takes forever to set up and I am impatient. If they had a fast set, I would be sold.
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