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A Breakthrough in Needle Pain Relief

Buzzy by MMJ Labs

MMJ's Buzzy uses a combination of vibration, cold, and distraction to aid in relieving pain from injections.

Buzzy is a reusable hand-held device from MMJ Labs that numbs the skin on contact. Buzzy even transmits pain relief through bone, reducing pain for palate injections. Using vibration, cold, and distraction, Buzzy blocks pain nerves without drugs or medical waste.

According to MMJ, a study evaluating pain when inserting IV lines at a children's hospital emergency department found that Buzzy signifi cantly reduced IV blood draw pain in children ages 4 and up. As the vibration transmits best through solid rather than soft tissues, pressing Buzzy to the maxillary facial bone can make even palate injections more tolerable.

Because it is affordably priced at $34.95, is easy to use, and does not require a prescription, Buzzy can reduce anyone's suffering and anxiety from needle procedures. Buzzy is cute, fits in a purse or pocket, and is a friendly character children want to play with. Buzzy comes in plain executive black for teens and adults, with optional BuzzDudes characters or feature stickers for personalizing. The optional Bee-Stractor distraction cards and posters help to pull attention away from procedures with artwork and distractive questions.

Buzzy is reusable and shipped in recycled post-consumer cardboard, relieving the impact from unnecessary medical waste. Buzzy can be cleaned between patients with a sani-wipe. 'Bob Alaburda

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