C-Warmer Blue Type 2 Anesthetic/Composite Warmer

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Product Description

C-Warmer Blue, thermostatically-controlled cartridge warmer pre-heats within 1°C to exact body temperature for more comfortable delivery of anesthesia within its operating range of 20°C to 60°C (68°F~150°F). 

By maintaining constant temperature, it improves the flow capacities of composite and solid state heating unit with low power consumption allows for all day use in dental practice.

Heater holds 3 Composite Resin or Dispenser Gun and 4 Anesthetic Cartridges or Composite Compules of your choice.
•3 Large Slots / 4 Small Slots
•Slot diameter : Large Slot : 1.2cm / Small Slot : 0.8cm
•Freely adjustable temperature with digital display
•Reduces curing time significantly for doctors' convenience
•Warms composite materials quickly
•When power button is pressed shortly, temperature can be adjusted as 


DENTAZON C-Warmer Blue Anesthetic/Composite Warmer (Type 1 and Type 2) A convenient thermostatically controlled composite/anesthetic warmer with slots to hold various size cartridges I found this device remarkable in its simplicity, design, and function. David Buchina, DMD Conneautville, PA Anesthetic delivery was most comfortable for patients versus [room] temperature. It met with rave reviews by patients.. Frank Glushefski, DMD White Haven, PA The temperature contr...

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C-Warmer Blue Type 2 Anesthetic/Composite Warmer
Dentazon Corp.
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