CAESY Cloud 2.4

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Coming off the success of the original CAESY Cloud system, Patterson Dental announced the debut of CAESY Cloud 2.4, an easy-to-use on-demand patient education system. National access permits clinicians to access new features of the CAESY Cloud, such as interactive 3D animations and 3D models that can be used to educate patients more concretely. The clinician can use these animations to help better explain a patient’s dental procedure. Additionally, videos can be directly linked to the clinicians website, sent to patient email addresses and be accessible on smartphones. The 3D model capabilities of the CAESY Cloud 2.4 program allow the clinician to go into greater depth with patients regarding more complicated dental procedures. Additionally, CAESY Cloud features 3D models where users can see a 360-degree view of a selected area, while also learning more information regarding treatment. A new Pages feature creates a printable page of CAESY Cloud presentations in a written format. This can be sent home with patients as a print out, via email, or placed directly on the clinicians website. Continued updates for the CAESY Cloud system are expected to be available later this year.




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CAESY Cloud 2.4
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