CamX Elara Intraoral Camera

Product Description
CamX Elara was intended for assisting you with telling your patient’s oral health history. All aspects of the device were designed to increase the accessibility. In the end run, the intraoral camera will lead to better patient communication and better tracking of treatment.
•Sturdy lightweight design fits comfortably in the hand and satisfies all ergonomic demands
•Capture buttons located on the top and bottom of the camera
•Unique capture-upon-release feature makes capturing steady, sharp images as easy as 1-2-3
•A short vibration tells you that an image has been captured
•A motion sensor switches the camera on and off and ensures efficient use while improving workflow
•CamX Elara is always in focus from 5-35mm making the camera easy to use and eliminating the need for further adjustments
• 8 White Light LEDs positioned around the lens provide bright homogeneous image quality




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CamX Elara Intraoral Camera
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