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Snap-A-Ray DS Sensor Holder DENTSPLY Rinn Snap-A-Ray DS is an easy-to-use, time-saving universal sensor holder. The Snap-A-Ray holder...
XCP and BAI Replacement Parts- BAI Bite Blocks from Rinn are used to replace existing bite blocks for the BAI instrumentation. These...
XCP-DS for Schick CDR Sensors from Rinn is a device that holds Schick CDR sensors in place, while accurately aligning the X-ray cone for...
• Film easily snaps into holder • Comfortable for patient, soft and flexible • Cost-effective, reusable • Autoclavable “ FDA food grade...
The Sensor Holder XCP-DS for Kit 6100 from Rinn holds the sensor securely in place during the dental radiographic process. This specific...
An X-ray film holder for endodontic procedures. Produces periapical X-rays easier and faster.
The XCP-ORA One Ring & Arm Positioning System from Rinn accurately positions the radiographic media with the Rinn XCP or XCP-DS...
The unique split-shank design absorbs and reduces the stresses of insertion. The post conforms and adapts to the root rather than the...
Baskets for Dexis Digital Sensors from Rinn are designed to ensure accurate digital sensor placement. The sensors just click into place...
The XCP-ORA One Ring & Arm Positioning System from Rinn accurately positions the radiographic media with the Rinn XCP or XCP-DS bite...
The Snap-A-Ray DS for Digital Sensors from Rinn is a time-efficient, easy to use universal sensor holder. It has a rigid design that...
Schick by Sirona's CDR Digital Sensor Holder System is an electronic diagnostic system, consisting of both hardware and software...

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  • Allison Walker

    My dentist, who knows I’m a bit of a dental nerd, likes to tell me what new technologies he’s picked up or has been investigating since my last visit. My latest appointment involved updating my x-rays, using his newest digital x-ray machine (which shall remain anonymous!). When the hygienist swung the tubehead around to aim it at my cheek, she...

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  • David Broom

    Data backup and recovery are critical for any business, and with numerous cloud backup solutions available on the market, dental practices may be wondering which service is the most convenient, cost-effective, and secure for HIPAA compliance.

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  • Michael Howard

    Perio Protect® offers patients a non-invasive method to beat gum and peri-implant disease that complements traditional at-home and professional treatments. By using prescription Perio Trays™ for just 10–15 minutes a day, patients can deliver 1.7% hydrogen peroxide, a proven antibacterial agent, straight into gingival pockets as deep as 9mm.

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