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The SofNeedle is designed to be twisted onto a leur-lock syringe to dispense and apply liquids and light gels. The polyurethane foam tip...
Dentazon’s Intraoral Tip Assembler is a case designed to store intraoral tips. Generally, dental clinics store intraoral tips in plastic...
Disposable dental needles 1 box (100 needles). E.O. gas sterilized disposable dental needles• Tri-bevel point for easy tissue penetration...
Ultradent’s NaviTip tips are ideal every step in a root canal procedure. The cannula of each tip is slightly rigid through the base and...
Flexi-Flow Auto Root Canal Intraoral Tips from Essential Dental Systems fit all standard auto-mix double barrel syringes and come with...
The Backloading Rev. Hydrocolloid Syringe is available in 2 barrel sizes to best fit your needs: 5/16” and 3/8” diameters. The barrel is...
Essential Dental Systems' Ti-Core Auto-E Intraoral Tips fit all standard auto-mix double barrel syringes and allows for precise cement...
Accudose Tubes and Plugs by Centrix Inc. effectively dispense any type of composite or cement while reducing voids and porosities in any...
Cordless, effortless and portable, the PowerMix Automatic Impression Material Dispenser delivers perfectly mixed, void-free tray material...
Centrix introduces the next generation of 1:1 auto-mixing nozzles that can reduce 33% of waste, depending on the material type and...
A bioactive, non-toxic, cost-effective pulp treatment material for pediatric dentistry.
CartriLoid Metal Syringe from Pentron Clinical is designed to be used with 1.8ml anesthetic-type glass vials. The syringe is an...

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  • Marie

    AdDent’s Calset Composite Warmer and CoMax Composite Dispenser are both Best of Class Award 2018 winners from the consulting firm Cellerant. The coveted Best of Class award recognizes innovation in the dental industry, specifically products that are changing how practices operate. The awards program launched in 2009. According to Cellerant, the...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Avoid cross contamination in your dental practice by following specific guidelines and developing these good habits. Read what to do, and what not to do to ensure you are practicing dentistry safely.

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  • Julie Cullen

    I recently cracked my tooth No. 15 and was at my dentist to have a temporary crown placed. To keep myself entertained, I asked her what it’s like to spend most of her days working in such a dark, cramped space, taking care of relatively small body parts. The question occurred to me when I saw the applicators she was using to apply various...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Make dispensing composite easier on your hands while improving your final restorations. Centrix’s new HeatSleeve Self-Heating Composite Warmer quickly warms composites to a more ‘flowable’ state, easily adapting to surface irregularities, reducing voids and spaces. And, according to Centrix, heating the composite makes composite dispensing 68%...

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  • Michael Howard

    Recent reports reveal that dentists often overlook one critical tool for patient protection and isolation: the dental dam. Due to numerous safety benefits, the dental dam is considered a standard of care. COLTENE has created a high-quality dental dam and the necessary dental dam accessories under the Hygenic® name brand.

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  • Marie

    A year ago, Advanced Esthetic Dentistry started offering free teeth whitening using the Iveri line from Zest Dental Solutions. Jean Ocasio, CDA, BsBA, MHA knew that patients would be excited to use something easy and effective—and it would make them more inclined to pursue additional treatment. The strategy has proven effective for the practice,...

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