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Z-PRIME PLUS is a primer used to enhance adhesion between Zirconia-Alumina-Metal-Composite Restorations and resin cements. Z-PRIME Plus...
Copalite SnapBond is a one-step dentin bonding agent from Cooley & Cooley that bonds, desensitizes, and adheres to both dentin and...
Visar Seal by DenMat Corporation is a light-cure, unfilled resin bonding agent that functions in the bonding of composite resins to...
Cerinate Prime by DenMat Corporation is a bonding agent for porcelain that only requires one bottle for simple but effective results. It...
Philips' Moxie TE and Moxie SE are acetone-free and solvent free, light-curable adhesives that deliver excellent bond strength.
Hu-Friedy announces the launch of Shine reNEW Instrument Wipes to their line of cleaning and care products. Hu-Friedy Shine reNEW...
BisBlock is specifically formulated to prevent intratubular fluid movement associated with dentinal hypersensitivity; the product forms...
Ultra-Bond Block Out by DenMat Corporation is multipurpose, dual-cure cement that functions in the bonding of porcelain restorations....
Block-Out Ultra-Bond by DenMat Corporation is often used to hide tetracycline stains when bonding any veneer material do to its opaque...
Temrex's V-Bond is a veneer bonding system with superior strength that promotes void-free margins. It is available in 3 basic shades that...
It creates a thin, slightly flexible adhesive layer between the 2 materials, which helps avoid stress fractures and marginal leakage....
Dry-Rite from Pulpdent is a drying agent designed with ethyl alcohol and an organic solvent. Dry-Rite is used on enamel and restorative...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    If dentistry is to advance as a profession, it’s important that manufacturers of restorative materials continue to improve their products even after they receive accolades for the first generation. Sometimes it takes a few years, but when the next generation of the product is finally available, it’s worth the wait. That appears to be the case...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    While much attention is given to the digital evolution of dentistry over the last several years, the “cosmetic revolution” brought about by advancements in adhesive technology can’t be overshadowed. The year was 1955 when Dr. Michael Buonocore first discovered that he could adhere to enamel using acid. Today’s bonding agents have only mild...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Bonding is a crucial step in a complex procedure. Poor adhesion can lead to a number of problems, including debonding, marginal leakage, staining, and postoperative sensitivity. At the end of the day, dentists want a simple, convenient product that can produce reliable bond strength to all surfaces and substrates, in any etching technique. They...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    From professional sports to an all-star cast, what makes a dream team? It’s usually a core group of players with unique attributes that, when combined, deliver an exceptional performance. A dream team is consistent and reliable. When it comes to clinical dentistry, a dream team of products delivers excellent clinical results when working in...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    An excellent bonding material is essential to a successful restoration, and the ideal bonding agent should be quick and easy to use, offer versatility for a variety of procedures, and provide excellent adhesion. Kuraray’s CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is a truly universal adhesive with unique rapid bond technology that meets all of these...

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  • Allison Walker

    …with Charles Christianson, Global Product Manager for KaVo Kerr’s OptiBond Universal After speaking with many dentists, we found that they are willing to try different composites as they become more comfortable with adhesive dentistry. While some are not likely to change what they’ve been using for many years, most will consider switching...

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