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Visar Seal by DenMat Corporation is a light-cure, unfilled resin bonding agent that functions in the bonding of composite resins to...
Cerinate Prime by DenMat Corporation is a bonding agent for porcelain that only requires one bottle for simple but effective results. It...
Block-Out Ultra-Bond by DenMat Corporation is often used to hide tetracycline stains when bonding any veneer material do to its opaque...
Ultra-Bond Block Out by DenMat Corporation is multipurpose, dual-cure cement that functions in the bonding of porcelain restorations....
It creates a thin, slightly flexible adhesive layer between the 2 materials, which helps avoid stress fractures and marginal leakage....
DenTastic Duo from Pulpdent is designed as the high quality dual cure catalyst for DenTastic Uno. The catalyst refill is available in 3ml...
CAVITY CLEANSER is a 2% chlorhexidene digluconate (CHG) intended for cleansing and moistening/rewetting cavity preparations using a brush...
SplintMat from Pulpdent is designed for stabilization and placement of temporary restorations. SplintMat successfully bonds to the tooth...
Dry-Rite from Pulpdent is a drying agent designed with ethyl alcohol and an organic solvent. Dry-Rite is used on enamel and restorative...
G5™ works by coagulating the plasma proteins contained within the dentinal tubule fluid. This coagulation forms an initial “plug”,...
PREAT Corporation eFiber Ortho Kit includes two 10cm units of eFiber 1.2mm, one 2mL syringe of flowable composite, one silicon tool, an...
PREAT Corporation eFiber CB is a BIS GMA and PMMA impregnated glass fiber designed for both chairside and laboratory applications.

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  • Marty Jablow, DMD

    Direct composite restorations are the bread and butter of a general dentistry office. And while the bonding agents and composites that we use to facilitate these restorations are constantly evolving to create better and longer-lasting results, many dentists fall into the trap of sticking with the same materials they’ve used for years and...

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  • Sara Grillo

    There’s no doubt about it: we’re living in a material world. A restorative material world, that is, and one that is becoming increasingly challenging to navigate. Case in point: universal bonding agents. Most manufacturers have altered their adhesive formulas to accommodate all etching techniques as well as ensure chemical compatibility with all...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Some of the biggest companies in digital dentistry are also staying on the cutting-edge of material technology. KaVo Kerr is one of the manufacturers working to streamline the inventory of products needed for permanent cementation of a CAD/CAM restoration, therefore simplifying the final steps of the chairside workflow.

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