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Award Winning Diamond Burs - only $1.19 to $1.29 per bur!www.Zendo-Online.comZendo FG pre - sterilized diamond burs are made by the...
Strauss bur blocks are autoclavable and compatible with diamond burs, carbide burs and polishers. The functionality of bur blocks allows...
​Practicon Bur Safe Bur Holders make bur storage, sterilization, and retrieval easier and safer than ever. A unique, patent-pending...
Komet USA has expanded its line of DCB diamond abrasives to include 3 yellow grinders engineered to remove more substance than the...
Safe-Tipped Burs are designed to help reduce the risk of notching the proximal enamel wall while accurately reducing surfaces during...
Shofu has extended their BurButler product line, which now includes a 5-, 10-, and 25- hole base configuration. Mix and match FG, CA, HP...
Johnson-Promident's Diamond Composite Polishers are ideal for finishing and polishing all composites, creating a high-gloss luster even...
The kit's shape selection and blade geometry is said to allow a technician to accomplish gross reduction, to refinish pits/porosity, and...
A&M Instruments' line of over 1,000 multi-use and single-patient-use FG Diamond Dental Burs, in a large variety of shapes, sizes and...
The Occlusal Reduction Bur offers substantial time savings, as well, eliminating the need to tediously check and recheck clearance. The...
Meisinger “Singles” are indvidually packaged and sterilized for immediate use so the time-consuming sterilization before use is no longer...
Great White Z uses cutting-edge diamond technology for maximum cutting efficiency for zirconia or ceramic crowns, bridges, or...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Cool fact: Strauss Diamond Instruments’ new curing light—Magicure—is made of a single piece of aircraft aluminum. In other words, if you accidentally drop it, no worries; this curing light can withstand some rough handling. But you want your curing light be more than super-strong, right? No problem. Magicure offers these other features: Compact...

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    Occlusinator Composite Finishing System Burs enable smooth and easy composite sculpting and finishing with features designed to save time, composite, and enamel Dr. Patrick Roetzer, a professor at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, had a simple goal in mind when he set out to design a new line of composite...

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