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With its unique ability to stimulate apatite, TheraCal LC®, a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate, is ideal for direct and...
BISCO's TheraCal PT is a biocompatible, dual-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate designed for pulpotomy treatment. TheraCal PT...
Cavitec is a eugenol and zinc oxide liner. It can be used as a base under composite or amalgam fillings that can be completed...
All the quality at a fraction of the cost!• A radiopaque water based calcium hydroxide liner• Can be used under any and all filling...
Tubulitec Primer consists of shellac (a natural resin) dissolved in alcohol with i.a. benzalkonium chloride. This primer penetrates dried...
Mucopren Soft is a long-lasting soft reline material based on vinyl polysiloxane for direct and indirect applications. Mucopren provides...
Tubulitec Liner contains i.a. polystyrene and copaiba balsam dissolved in ethyl acetate. The liner is applied over the primer.
GC Fuji LINING LC is a light-cured glass ionomer that is used as a liner or a base under composite resin or amalgam restorations. It has...
GC Fuji Lining LC (light-cured) Paste Pak is a glass ionomer material used as a liner or a base under composite resin or amalgam...
Interface cavity liner is for use under composites, prior to etching. • Made of biocompatible polymer • Cures in 20 seconds • Curing...
Ionosealis a light-curing glass ionomer composite cement for linings, extended fissure sealing and treatment of smaller lesions. • Ready...
IonositMicroSpand is a base material for composite and amalgam restorations that can be used to block out undercuts in inlay/onlay...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    In a career that spans 40 years, Dr. Mark Cannon has witnessed the evolution of biomaterials and has actively tried to improve them. His years of material research and development have culminated in a new line of groundbreaking materials—the Thera products from BISCO.

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  • Allison Walker

    Calcimol LC, from VOCO America, Inc., is a light-cured, resin modified, calcium ion releasing base liner and pulp capping material that provides thermal protection and acid resistance. It is indicated for indirect pulp capping, using as a lining under any type of filling material, and for extra protection when using the total-etch technique.

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  • Allison Walker

    TheraCal LC was developed for direct and indirect pulp capping. It can also be used as a base or liner to protect restorations made with other base materials. Read at least five reasons you should try TheraCal LC in addition to its handling properties and reliability.

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  • Pulpdent Corporation

    In this case, Dr. Marty Zase covers an old, long metal post that he did not want to remove. The goal was to complete a composite core build-up over the post so a porcelain crown could be placed as a final restoration without any sign of the metal post showing through. Dr. Zase has developed numerous techniques and instruments that are currently...

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  • Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS

    Find out why Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki believes Vista Dental Products' Purify+ is a better alternative to phosphoric acid with convenient one-step cleaning and etching, and why it provides peace of mind prior to bonding.

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  • Pulpdent Corporation

    Dr. Rumpa Wig provides free dental treatment to underpriveleged children who complain of pain and discomfort. Wig walks us through each case step-by-step, providing detailed instructions and intraoral pictures. She uses Pulpdent's ACTIVA Restorative for pain-free procedures.

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