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Centrix Tempit Unit-Dose Provisional Material Tempit’s unit-dose delivery system eliminates mixing while facilitating placement and...
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DMG America Luxatemp Ultra Provisional Material Luxatemp Ultra creates a highly esthetic temporary, with reliable strength and...
Jet Tooth Shade Self-Curing Acrylic Resin is used for making stronger temporary crown and bridge restorations. This self-curing acrylic...
Jet XR Opaque Powder by Lang Dental Mfg Co Inc. is an auto-polymerizing acrylic polymer with radiopaque properties. It is used for the...
Splitline from Lang Dental Mfg Co Inc. is a self-curing copolymer acrylic resin used when marginal accuracy is critical. It creates an...
Sensation SL is a low fusing leucite-reinforced glass ceramic. Sensation SL is made from the same components as Cerpress SL, with the...
GC Initial INvivo, INsitu, INover and INcisio for MC/LF/PC are stains and effect shades used with GC Initial MC, GC Initial LF, or GC...
Coldpac Denture Acrylic Powder from Yates Motloid is a high quality product that can handle a variety of jobs including: replacing broken...
Vintage Halo Incisal Powders by Shofu Dental Corp are intrinsically fast and reliable. They are a part of the Vintage Halo Porcelain...
Vintage Halo Opal Porcelain Powder from Shofu Dental Corp is part of the advanced porcelain system that uses a basic layering technique...
Vintage Halo Opaque Powder by Shofu Dental Corp produces a smooth and paste like consistency during application when mixed with the...
Jet Tooth Shade Self-Curing Acrylic Resin is used for making stronger temporary crown and bridge restorations. This self-curing acrylic...

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