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Curing lights are an essential part of any operatory, and are a great example of how technology can be leveraged to improve the overall experience for both the clinician and the patient. They are primarily used on different dental materials that are curable by light. Curing lights that use light-emitting diodes (LED) are at the forefront of technology and innovation.

LED curing lights, in particular, use visible blue light spectrum and provide a wide range of wavelengths for the quick and accurate polymerization of light cure resin-based composites.
They’re generally easy to handle and ideal for hard-to-reach places, providing optimal curing treatment in the least amount of time.

Technology in dentistry has evolved over the last few years. Sleeker designs and smaller frames have improved the accessibility of curing lights in the oral cavity and improved the user experience. Additionally, these devices have become more lightweight, portable and easier to handle which makes it much more enjoyable for you when it fits comfortably in your hand.  They also use less power than previous-generation devices.

Using less power for every curing treatment has a couple of advantages. It cuts down on the amount of time for each treatment to just a few seconds and reduces the risk that the device will overheat. This is an important benefit of LED curing lights, especially if you’re curing a third molar or a different hard-to-reach area and you’re worried about overheating. Generally, these curing lights will cut down on potential patient discomfort and make your life easier.

Another advancement of LED curing lights is that many have multiple levels of powers. Some operate in 3 different curing modes: standard-power, high-power, and plasma-emulation, which gives you more control depending on the case. That control is important for any dental clinician when they’re looking for the highest quality device for your operatory.

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VALO LED Curing Light
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VALO LED Curing Light

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent’s VALO LED Curing Light uses ultra-high energy broadband LEDs to cure all dental materials and the precisely aligned beam delivers a constant cure. The slim design of the VALO LED curing...

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Lightweight and cordless, the light features 3 preprogrammed working modes and a slim body that encases cool, silent operation to enhance...
The light offers easy, 2-button operation as well as a digital timer display with multiple mode selections: Boost (fast curing) and Ramp...
Ultradent’s VALO LED Curing Light uses ultra-high energy broadband LEDs to cure all dental materials and the precisely aligned beam...
Using a patent-pending Focused Beam LED Technology, Fusion provides 1500 mW/cm2 of output power. The key features of the Fusion curing...
Bluephase Style is capable of polymerizing all current photoinitiators and materials.When asked what they liked best about Ivoclar...
The ergonomic design includes 360-degree wand rotation and a large, 11-mm curing area. This allows the clinician to position the light...
The 3M ESPE Elipar S10 LED curing light ensures the best ultra-rapid curing with high intensity and increased optical power. This 3M...
As a curing light, the Radii Plus operates at an extremely high intensity of 1500 mW/cm2, providing a 6 mm depth of cure, enabling a more...
Suitable for every clinical situation, the high-performance LED unit can be used for the fast polymerization of all light-curing dental...
The design provides superior ergonomics in a wireless package featuring simple controls. One small activation button triggers a 1-second...
The FLASHlite Magna 4.0 is a high-powered, LED curing light from DenMat featuring an LED engine that offers the user advanced beam...
Coltolux® LED from COLTENE combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless, lightweight, pen-style design. Heat-sink...

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