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KaVo Dental
Kavo Kerr
Owandy Radiology
Planmeca USA
PreXion, Inc.
Vatech America
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X-Nav Technologies, LLC
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GALILEOS 3D cone beam digital radiography system combines a low radiation dosage with superior image quality. Introduced by Sirona at...
The four-in-one CS 8100SC 3D extraoral imaging system combines true 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging with powerful and easy-to-use...
​Air Techniques has announced the availability of SICAT applications for their ProVecta 3D Prime CBCT system. SICAT IMPLANT and SICAT...
​KaVo Kerr’s KaVo OP 3D is a low-dose, customizable imaging solution for any practice. Panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D imaging options...
The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D unit is designed for advanced dental imaging needs. It is a complete X-ray platform that provides...
The innovative, patented ORTHOceph™ Plus design of the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D takes cephalometric imaging workflow to a new level. The...
The Most Comprehensive 3-in-1 for the Entire Maxillofacial Region   The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Pro, by KaVo™, crystallizes the...
Take diagnostics to the next level with high-quality 2D and 3D imaging in one unit. ProVecta 3D Prime was developed to offer trueimaging...
Carestream’s CS 9600 features breakthrough technologies that enable clinicians to produce high-quality images with every image capture....
The PaX-i is an affordable and an easily accessible diagnostic x-ray imaging device developed entirely by VATECH through innovative...
Carestream Dental's CS 9300 Select is a multi-purpose extraoral imaging system that is tailored to meet any practice's diagnostic needs...
The MyRay SkyVIEW incorporates a modern image-intensifier detector, which ensures top image quality at lowest dosage rates. SkyVIEW is...

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  • Sara Grillo

    Introduced to the dental community in the early 2000s, cone beam imaging systems have had a profound impact on diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical outcomes—not just for specialists and oral surgeons, but for general practitioners, too. The shift to 3D imaging also has ushered in a change in radiation dose—not unlike the switch from film...

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  • Sara Grillo

    DPS followed two general dentists—Drs. Kenneth Wright and Robert Wertke—to capture what it’s like to make the investment in digital dentistry and dive headfirst into a completely digital workflow. Fortunately, the doctors, who practice together at Wright Dental in Barrington, IL, didn’t have to dive in alone.

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  • Tarun Agarwal

    From a simple tool like a digital camera to more complex technologies, such as intraoral scanners and 3D imaging, nothing has influenced and guided my career more than digital technologies. In fact, over the past 2 decades, technology has made practicing dentistry more fun and rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    By now, most dental practice owners know that digital dentistry can lead to a significant payoff. Yet while dental technology has come a long way, the products continue to evolve, making it more important than ever for clinicians to keep up. The question then becomes: Which products are worth the investment?

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    There’s no question that comprehensive 3D imaging has completely changed implant dentistry. By using this technology, clinicians can analyze the anatomy of the patient’s jaw to assess bone density and locate nerves, blood vessels, and sinuses before surgery— eliminating any uncertainty when it comes to the right site for implant placement.

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  • Ara Nazarian, DDS, DICOI

    With the proper training and technology, today’s general dentist stands to meet a growing demand for implant services, serving their patients well and boosting the practice bottom line. Now, there is an even greater need to offer more services in the practice, we can attribute the increased demand for implant restorations to three groups.

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