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SmartScan STUDIO offers ease of use and flexible workflow while Visual iQuity Image Technology provides i-CAT’s clearest 3D and 2D images...
The SCANORA 3D uses a dedicated CCD sensor for high-quality panoramic imaging. The Auto- Switch feature changes between panoramic and 3D...
PaX-i3D Green has also revolutionized the way dental CBCTs are manufactured by adopting Eco-friendly quality control measures, reworking...
The CS 8200 3D family is the newest set of powerful imaging systems from Carestream Dental. A versatile, multi-modality system that...
Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus can capture the airway, TMJ and both jaws in a single scan making this an incredible system for multiple...
This unit offers the largest single scan volume in the industry at Ø30x19 cm, covering the entire maxillofacial area. You can also...
Planmeca Viso™ G5 imaging unit offers the latest in innovation. It comes with 4 built in cameras for live patient positioning. It can...
The Most Comprehensive 3-in-1 for the Entire Maxillofacial Region   The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Pro, by KaVo™, crystallizes the...
Take diagnostics to the next level with high-quality 2D and 3D imaging in one unit. ProVecta 3D Prime was developed to offer trueimaging...
Planmeca 4D Jaw motion takes diagnostics to the next dimension. Visualizing mandibular jaw motion in real time, doctors can see their...
Planmeca Ultra Low Dose technology is causing a paradigm shift in the adoption of CBCT technology for everyday routine diagnositcs. By...
Planmeca Proface technology allows you to create a complete virtual representation of your patient for unparalleled treatment planning...

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    KAVO KERR KaVo OP 3D Designed to increase practice efficiency, the KaVo OP 3D imaging system combines superior image quality with customizable features to meet the practice’s diagnostic needs Greg Gillespie, DDS A picture is worth a thousand words. In dentistry, that image should provide the data to eliminate guesswork and deliver...

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    HOLD ON TIGHT: IMPLANT DENTISTRY IS SURGING FORWARD New technologies and techniques allow clinicians to provide implant therapy to a broader range of patients in a way that is more accurate and expeditious than ever before Recently, a Chinese dental clinic announced that a robot carried out the first successful autonomous implant surgery by...

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    As a solo GP in Marysville, CA, Charles Kattuah, DDS, just wants a good quality image when it comes to diagnosing caries and other oral conditions. No artifacts or distortion ... just a crisp, detailed image to view and discuss with the patient. “Schick 33 sensors gave me that and more when I decided to purchase them,” he said.

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    Dentsply Sirona's newest CAD/CAM innovation, the CEREC Primemill grinding and milling machine, is shaking things up. The in-house mill debuts a unique combination of new electronics, software, motors, and mechanical components that work together to create impressive chairside restorations with precise margins and smooth surfaces.

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