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Rating 5 2 Customer Reviews
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This tooth-colored filling material offers low polymerization shrinkage, speed, and convenience with a direct-delivery capsule and...
Rating 5 2 Customer Reviews
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GrandioSO is a universal Nano-hybrid composite and one of the highest filled restorative materials at 89% (by weight).
Rating 5 1 Customer Review
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A single-bottle bonding agent has finally been developed that provides exceptional clinical results. Superb Universal Adhesive combines...
Rating 5 4 Customer Reviews
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Exquisite Restoration is a light-activated, nanofill composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Exquisite Restoration has been...
Rating 5 2 Customer Reviews
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Esthet'X HD Universal Composite DENTSPLY CaulkOptimized filler technology means Esthet'X HD provides easy-to-polish, highly esthetic...
Rating 5 14 Customer Reviews
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Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative from 3M combines exceptional esthetics with excellent strength and wear-resistance for...
Rating 5 3 Customer Reviews
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With an 87% fill rate it is still one of the highest filled restoratives on the market offering universal indications, great non-stick...
Rating 5 3 Customer Reviews
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Herculite XRV is a light-cured composite by Kerr that perfectly matches natural teeth through the use of Vita shade system. Herculite is...
Rating 5 11 Customer Reviews
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Tokuyama's Estelite Sigma Quick is a universal supra-nano filled, low shrinkage composite with patented spherical filler technology. The...
Rating 4 1 Customer Review
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It has surface hardness similar to that of human enamel, high mechanical strength, high durability, high depth of cure, low...
Rating 4 2 Customer Reviews
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Vit-l-escence from Ultradent is an esthetic composite system with the fluorescence and opalescence of natural tooth structure. This...
Clearfil Majesty ES-2 is a light-cured, radiopaque resin composite. This restorative material is indicated for direct restorations for...

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  • Foroud Hakim, DDS, MBA

    Foroud Hakim, DDS, MBA explains all the reasons why he uses Admira Fusion x-tra, a restorative material that does not diffract or refract light. Instead, light passes through the material and comes back to the human eye influenced by the shaded tooth color around the restoration.

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    VOCO Bifix QM Dual-curing, resin-based adhesive cement system offers excellent adhesion to both metal and nonmetal inlays, onlays, and full and partial crowns Retention, ease of delivery, color stability— there are many boxes to check off in the search for a new dental cement. While it might seem like settling for a material with just a few of...

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  • Michael Howard

    Today’s dental composites offer a far more desirable, tooth-like appearance than traditional restorative materials like amalgam. However, despite the undeniable esthetic advantages, there remains some apprehension regarding their strength over time. With everX Flow, GC America delivers a solution to this dilemma. Newly available in the United...

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    A Glass Hybrid Material for Everyday Restorations… and Beyond One dentist shares his experience using EQUIA Forte HT to treat virtually every patient—from complex cases to everyday Class I and II restorations Since their introduction to dentistry in the late 1970s, glass ionomers have gained popularity among clinicians for their ability to...

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