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The Lustor - Zirconia Adjusting and Polishing kit contains zirconia abrasives designed to make adjustments and reduce zirconia without...
Logic Sets from Axis Dental consist of a system of instruments that are designed to achieve optimal results for restorations. A selection...
Meisinger finishing, polishing and preparation sets were designed and tested by practitioners and leading scientists for a wide range of...
Meisinger polishers produce smooth, precise, and odorless results with minimal heat buildup. These instruments consist of high quality...
Meisinger polishers produce smooth, precise, and odorless results with minimal heat buildup. These instruments consist of high quality...
NTI DiaGloss diamond-impregnated polishers achieve an aesthetic high-gloss finish on cured composites. This two-step composite polishing...
NTI Gray Silicone Polishers are used to develop a super high shine on all types of porcelain. Autoclavable Use polishers in sequence...
Its glaze-like, multi-surface polishing features advanced open-weave fibra pre-polishers and 100% wool-paste applicators for a mirror...
Jazz Supreme Composite 1-Step Universal Polishing System when only the highest shine will do. Single-step system saves time Compatible...
Astrobrush is a high-gloss polishing system that produces lustrous results without requiring the use of polishing paste, as each bristle...
The VITA ENAMIC polishing sets were developed for material-specific surface treatment of hybrid ceramic restorations in dental practices...
The Cerisander is an interproximal finishing tool made by DenMat Corporation, which can also be used to divide fused composite...

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  • Allison Walker

    I’ve been looking at this interesting tool, the GripStrip from Centrix, thinking about using one to remove every last trace of a sweet and sticky afternoon treat from between my teeth. I did brush and floss since to make up for the transgression, but am not convinced bigger guns aren’t required to find every last bit. The GripStrip is an...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Do magicians still say that when they perform a magic trick? How about dentists? Do you think they’ve ever said “Abracadbra!” while adjusting proximal contacts? Well, probably not…and it would be weird if they did…but I immediately had that image in my head after reading about Strauss Diamond’s Magic Strips. Rather than constantly squeezing to...

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  • Allison Walker

    The Perfect Polish one-step diamond polishers from Itena North America are made of silicone, reinforced with diamond powder, and were designed for use with composites, compomers, and glass ionomers. They provide superior polish and shine in just one step, by adjusting the pressure with which they are applied, which saves time and reduces the...

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