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Previous to cementation of conventional crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics, it is necessary to determine the relationship of the...
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ProGloss Composite Polisher Kerr Dental The multi-use single-step ProGloss system saves chair time while producing a high surface luster....
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UltraGloss composite polishing system features metal-free polishers with flexible surfaces for safe, highly effective restoration...
In a recent independent evaluation in Dental Product Shopper magazine, Johnson-Promident’s Carbide Burs were named a “Best Product” of...
The PREAT Corporation Thermoplastic Polishing Kit contains 1 tube 244 blue polish, 1 large unmounted goat hair lathe wheel, 2 mounted...
Silicone Cutter/Polishers are for final adjustment of acrylic denture base resins, eliminating mess and leaving a smooth surface.
Henry Schein's Maestro ET Pop-on Composite Finishing Discs are an ideal contouring and polishing system for composite restorations. These...
PREAT Corporation introduces yet another innovative tool: the Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap, for your next conversion from...
A comprehensive kit with burs impregnated with silicon carbide in high grade silicone, Ceramisté polishers are suitable for polishing...
An ideal assortment of abrasives impregnated with polishing compounds to provide fast and brilliant results on amalgam restorations...
Designed for contouring, finishing, polishing and fine polishing of all CAD/CAM materials.
These kits are designed for contouring and finishing direct resin restorations.

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  • Brian Donahue

    A.S.A.P. Polishers have addressed a longstanding challenge for many dentists, and that’s the efficient and effective polishing of a composite resin. Time is money, and when dentists are able to quickly achieve better results, they’re doing themselves and their patients a favor.

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  • Marie

    The Minnow continues to wend its way into the hearts of clinicians looking for an economical, ready-to-use polisher. Here’s what a few of them told Microcopy about their go-to tool. "Minnow— hardly little polishers. People seem satisfied with the surface polish delivered by them. Simple to use." Dr. Robert Marley, Floria, IL "Minnow is cost...

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  • Marie

    Small, smooth and agile—that describes the composite polisher from Microcopy, which is aptly named Minnow. This single-use tool, known as the “Go Anywhere Polisher,” is ideal for accessing pits and fissures close to soft tissue. The Minnow’s small size makes it able to access these hard-to-reach places as an efficient and economical polishing...

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