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ProGloss Composite Polisher Kerr Dental The multi-use single-step ProGloss system saves chair time while producing a high surface luster....
Previous to cementation of conventional crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics, it is necessary to determine the relationship of the...
UltraGloss composite polishing system features metal-free polishers with flexible surfaces for safe, highly effective restoration...
CeraGlaze CeraGlaze diamond-impregnated polishing system creates a polished porcelain surface that rivals glazed surfaces....
The diamond-impregnated NTI PDQ2 single-step composite polishing system from AXIS Dental saves the dental professional valuable chair...
The BruxZir Adjustment and Polishing set contains 3 special ZIR-CUT diamond shapes that help reduce the risk of chipping or creating...
Axis Dental's Porcelain Adjusting and Polishing set, developed by Dr. Michael DiTolla, is perfect for adjusting and polishing porcelain...
Pre-mounted, single use, aluminum oxide impregnated finishers designed for preparing composite and compomer surfaces for their final polish.
These high-performance diamond grinders and polishers eliminate the need for a pre-polishing step.
Brasseler USA's ComposiPro 1-step diamond-impregnated polishers are designed to rapidly polish hard-setting composites.
Alpen® Polishers from COLTENE provide an ideal distribution of silicone and diamond impregnated polishers, designed to handle the unique...
The KOMET LD0707 kit from KOMET USA offers an ideal range of rotary instruments designed to cut, finish, and polish full-contour...

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  • Marie

    The Minnow continues to wend its way into the hearts of clinicians looking for an economical, ready-to-use polisher. Here’s what a few of them told Microcopy about their go-to tool. "Minnow— hardly little polishers. People seem satisfied with the surface polish delivered by them. Simple to use." Dr. Robert Marley, Floria, IL "Minnow is cost...

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  • Marie

    Small, smooth and agile—that describes the composite polisher from Microcopy, which is aptly named Minnow. This single-use tool, known as the “Go Anywhere Polisher,” is ideal for accessing pits and fissures close to soft tissue. The Minnow’s small size makes it able to access these hard-to-reach places as an efficient and economical polishing...

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  • Julie Cullen

    In the course of discussing the direction of dentistry with a few of my dentist friends, one particular theme was repeated over and over—conservative dentistry. This approach to oral health care touches just about all procedures and specialties. In one recent conversation, the topic of overcrowding came up. Because of my unfamiliarity with this...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    You might be familiar with Microcopy Dental because of their popular NeoDiamond product line, which has bragging rights as America’s #1 selling diamond. But did you know that Microcopy’s NeoBurr and NeoDrys are both Dental Product Shopper ‘Best Products’? And many of their other non-diamond products have earned respectable awards in the...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    There’s always that one person who ruins it for the rest of us. The football team that lets air out of the ball to gain an advantage. The passenger in a car accident who fakes an injury to get a settlement. A college student who cheats on an exam. Even a dentist who wipes off ‘single-use’ burs and uses them again. I’m sure that nearly every...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Something to add to my always expanding dental knowledge: restorations that are not properly adjusted and polished can develop microfractures and scratch the opposing natural teeth. And this is a particular challenge with zirconia, lithium disilicate, and porcelain restorations because they are extremely hard. You want that kind of toughness to...

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