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The DENTSPLY Midwest Rhino XP low-speed air handpiece has a responsive high-torque vane motor, which allows for a smooth start up. In...
Rating 4 1 Customer Review
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The Alegra WE-56LEDG is a lighted lowspeed attachment that is ideal for all finishing needs. Whatever the procedure, there's a proven...
The Master Lube-Free E-Type Motor features high torque and smooth operation. It is self lubricating and fits all E-type attachments. In...
The Midwest Shorty air-driven handpiece from DENTSPLY Midwest comes in single-speed (0 to 6,000 rpm) or two-speed (0 to 6,000 or 0 to...
The Forza F1 1:1 Electric Attachment from Brasseler is a 1:1 gear ratio electric attachment designed with a lightweight, solid titanium...
The Forza F1S 1:1 Electric Attachment from Brasseler is a 1:1 gear ratio straight electric attachment designed with a lightweight, solid...
This is the 1:1 Contra Angle Lowspeed Handpiece from Lares Research.
The 1:1 Straight Lowspeed Attachment from Lares Research comes with a three-month warranty.
The 4:1 Reduction Contra Angle Lowspeed Handpiece Attachment from Lares Research is available with a three-month warranty.
The KaVo INTRAmatic E series features a firm grip and quiet operation for an air motor low-speed handpiece. The 100-degree head angle...
It has a lightweight, ergonomic design for better positioning and reduced fatigue and its 360 degree swivel provides better comfort and...
This premium lube-free motor is in a class by itself. It offers smooth vibration-free operation, accepts all E-Type attachments, and...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    “The perfect balance of engineering and ergonomics” - that’s how SciCan describes their precision handpiece line, SANAO. Combining optimal efficiency and speed with consistent power and precision, the SANAO line includes a number of low speed air driven handpieces, along with an air driven motor, and several options for electric handpieces....

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  • Julie Schmitt

    If you’re thinking it’s about time to replace your handpieces or invest in some other dental equipment, NSK invites you to take advantage of their 4th quarter specials. NSK is currently holding a campaign offering benefits on purchases of several of their popular products, including several “Buy One, Get One” special promotions. Here’s a sample...

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  • Jason Schwartz

    KaVo Kerr introduces the SMARTmatic handpiece series for optimal ease of use and more successful clinical outcomes. SMARTmatic straight and contra-angle handpieces combine reliability, versatility and efficiency.

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  • Allison Walker

    Most dental tools and equipment cost a pretty penny—they are no small investment. Which is why a company such as Wise Dental Repair is critical to your bottom line. Wise has specialized in repairing and reconditioning dental handpieces and other equipment for more than 20 years. Located not far from Akron, Ohio, Wise Dental Repair has a solid...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    A “gray area” is an area or topic that is not clearly defined. What IS clearly defined, however, is that gray market dental products are swooping the industry, and dentists and their patients need to avoid purchasing or using these potentially unsafe products. Patterson Dental is working diligently to educate dentists on how to identify gray...

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  • Hayley Bruning

    A leading manufacturer in CAD/CAM dentistry, Axsys Dental Solutions has recently expanded its training opportunities with world-class remote learning. The Axsys Virtual Academy features online, instructor-led mini classes on essential design and machining strategies for those new to CAD/CAM dentistry or those looking to increase their current...

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