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Ergonomically designed and weighing only 65 g, the lightweight, anodized aluminum design of the Prophy Star 3 from StarDental...
​Premier Dental announces the launch of AeroPro, a cordless handpiece with an innovative design that helps reduce hand and wrist stress....
The Prophy Magic Freestyle Cordless System encompasses convenience, power, comfort, and affordability in one amazing hygiene handpiece....
StarDental Instrument's iStar Cordless Prophy Handpiece, from DENTALEZ Integrated Solutions, is designed to allow full freedom of...
The Nupro Freedom® Cordless Handpiece with SmartMode® Technology provides clinicians with an innovative method of polishing.
Lares Research's Pastel Prophy Handpiece was designed to be shorter and lighter than the lead- ing competitors' offerings. The Pastel...
The ProMate E portable hygienist's handpiece from Pac-Dent is the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and control. With no more cords, this...
The elegant esamate from Preventech is a 2-ounce, lube-free prophy system backed by a 2-year warranty. Designed specifically for dental...
Pascal Prophy Angles are made with quality and precision parts to guarantee a smooth, cool and durable running angle. Prophy Angles are...
Pac-Dent, Inc. today announced the launch of their ProMateä CL, a new cordless hygiene handpiece. The ProMateä  CL is a lightweight...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Hygienists, where do you see the benefits of ergonomics in your daily routine? It may be the chair you’re sitting on, the layout of the delivery system for your handpieces, or your loupes, which can prevent neck strain and enable you to evaluate the oral cavity more easily. You’re worried about pains in your back and neck, but what about pains...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    If you’re thinking it’s about time to replace your handpieces or invest in some other dental equipment, NSK invites you to take advantage of their 4th quarter specials. NSK is currently holding a campaign offering benefits on purchases of several of their popular products, including several “Buy One, Get One” special promotions. Here’s a sample...

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  • Allison Walker

    As the end of the year draws closer, you may be taking stock of how the past 12 months went for your practice: what worked and what didn’t, what needs to be replaced or upgraded, and how you’re going to make 2017 even better from every angle, delivery of care to the bottom line. This is a good time to look at the condition of your equipment—do...

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