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>Mousse-like and Thixotropic, fluffy vinyl polysiloxane material. Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression...
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FRESH BOLD has been developed with the needs of the dentist and the laboratory in mind. Its hydrophilic surface characteristics with...
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Correct Plus Bite SuperFast Impression Material Pentron Clinical With a fast working and set time, Correct Plus Bite SuperFast is easy to...
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Vanilla Bite features a mousse like consistency in a delicious Vanilla flavor and features a Shore A hardness of 90. It is engineered to...
Regisil 2X VPS Bite Registration Material from Caulk is designed for accurate interocclusal bite records. It offers minimum resistance to...
Colorbite D from Zhermack is a thermochromic A-Silicone used for bite registration. Functions in bite registrations with all techniques,...
Colorbite Rock from Zhermack is an extra fast thermochromic A-Silicone used for bite registration. Functions in optimal intercuspidation...
Pentron Correct Plus Impression Material With multiple viscosities, Correct Plus can easily and accurately accommodate all impression...
Another advantage is the DMG-developed vinyl-silicone matrix, which, thanks to its uniform linking structure, promotes excellent break...
The material is hydrophilic and compatible with moist surfaces and offers minimal resistance to the patient’s jaw closure, providing...
Correct Plus Fast Set exhibits outstanding tear strength and dimensional stability and touts a low contact angle of 30º to help deliver...
MegaBite features a set time of 55 seconds and affords the clinician optimal viscosity and rigidity for perfect occlusal accuracy in...

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