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Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting Impression Material from DENTSPLY Caulk is known for its combination of high tear strength and very low...
AFFINIS® Precious from COLTENE is a vinyl polysiloxane (PVS) impression material that demonstrates an extremely low contact angle when...
The mix has excellent tear strength and effectively resists deformation without causing tissue irritation. VP Mix is available in mint or...
Practicon’s silicone Cool Cassette 2 instrument trays incorporate a number of improvements based on feedback from users, including larger...
From PREAT, Perma Block is a cellulose-based block-out material that adheres to wet rubber dams, soft tissue, and teeth. Delivered using...
The Gi-Mask is the silicone-based gingival mask for precise reproduction of gingival contours around the margins. It maintains its...
Coltex is a silicone-based impression material. Econo Pack contains: 3 (125 ml) base and 3 (35 ml) catalyst
Speedex Universal Activator is a silicone-based impression material created for use with Speedex putty (tray material), Speedex light...
Plastopaste is a light body zinc oxide eugenol paste from Bosworth. Applications include preliminary impressions, mucostatic impressions...
DentuSil is a chairside soft silicone relining material from Bosworth. Combines the ease of cartridge dispensing with the flexibility and...
The Preci Post Kit from PREAT is a great communication tool between the Dentist and the Laboratory.
Speedex Light Body is a silicone-based high viscosity impression material indicated for use in wash material for the putty-wash...

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