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They are available in solid or perforated to accomodate many techniques. The sideless COE Triple Function Tray is adjustable in 4...
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Non-water cooled, metal impression trays are available in Regular, Orthodonic, Edentulous, or Partial designs and are sold in singles or...
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These professional, transparent trays resist tearing and allow the practitioner to perform 3 procedures in 1 step. Maxima Bite Trays...
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The low tapered sides and thin posterior bar help avoid impingement when the patient closes. Like all Triple Tray designs, T-LOC uses...
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All styles simultaneously capture master impression, counter impression and bite registration. Features include loose, ultra-thin mesh...
HygonTray Material from Coltene is extremely easy to use in making trays and base plates because the mixture of powder and liquid behaves...
The latest addition to the Quad-Tray family is the new Anterior Quad-Tray X2, an inflexible but customizable, ultra-rigid dual-arch...
The trays are anatomically designed with smooth edges for maximum user comfort and are compatible with a wide variety of impression...
The Triple Traydesign includes a wide body that is 19% longer and 33% wider to capture up to six teeth and reduce potential tissue...
The trays feature a back retention rim that reduces gagging, as well as occlusal surface lines that maintain space to eliminate...
Pattersons tray adhesive can be used to securely hold alginate impression material in the impression tray when the impression is removed...
PERFECtrays are super-rigid with ergonomic handles, and they feature perforations for superior impression material retention.

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  • Brian Donahue

    Trays that are made of metal don’t have this memory—their inherent stiffness prevents bending and they do not exhibit rebound upon removal. A good example is the Quad-Tray® Xtreme™ from Clinician’s Choice®, which was designed specifically to prevent impression distortion. These disposable, dual-arch impression trays are made from rigid aluminum...

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  • Louis F. DeSantis, DDS, FACP

    While we’re moving towards a digital environment, I am of the belief that we will always live in an analog world. My belief, based on my understanding of where we are in 2018, is that there is still a place for high-quality impression materials, even though more and more dentists are moving over to digital. As one of my colleagues once said,...

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  • Julie Cullen

    A friend of mine recently suggested I try a new shampoo she loved. I tend to buy from the budget end of the shampoo aisle and this “great” shampoo my friend was prattling on about was on the pricey end, but I plunked down my money anyway. You probably know where this is going. I hated it. So now I’ve spent too much money for something I can’t...

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