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Imprint 3 VPS impression material features exceptional toughness and demonstrates high tear strength to preserve the impression when the...
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Imprint II heavy body impression material available in Penta or Cartridge delivery and a refill includes four-50 mL Cartridges Quick Step...
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This material features exceptional dimensional stability, allowing models to be poured from the same impression for up to 2 weeks....
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The new Orthodontic Monophase material is ideal for single-viscosity, fullarch impressions.
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Panasil impression materials are addition-curing vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) elastomeric materials with hydrophilic properties, high tear...
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Genie VPS is easy to extrude and is ultra-hydrophilic.
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The Paradigm VPS Impression Material from 3M ESPE is well suited for all indications including crowns and bridges, bleaching trays, mouth...
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Honigum Pro is the first impression material with the ability to change its flow characteristics when placed under pressure. The result...
Take 1® Hydro™ VPS Impression Material has superior intraoral hydrophilicity for ideal detail reproduction and tear resistance.
Bonasil A+ Heavy is a high viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) preliminary impression material with excellent carving properties. The...
Access® Tray Adhesive - ensures reliable adhesion of impression material to the impression tray to avoid deformation
Following years of clinical success with FIT CHECKER and FIT CHECKER II, this next generation fit checking material incorporates new and...

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  • Brian Donahue

    When Dr. DeSantis began using Panasil from Kettenbach, he no longer had to take impressions over and over again. As a result, he found himself saving time—and lots of it. If he could take 1 impression instead of 3, he is saving 8 to 10 minutes of tray-loading per appointment, not to mention the time saved cleaning up the patient.

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    Few dentists come out of the COVID-19 experience unchanged. We have all been drained financially and emotionally with the future as a giant question mark. The answer is NOT to buy off-brand products. We need to use materials provided by excellent companies, grounded in quality, but not overpriced.

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  • Marie

    The Panasil line includes two superior choices of lab putty that lab professionals can use to create successful impressions. Read more about the Panasil Lab Putty and Lab Putty Soft.

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  • Samantha Negraval

    With the holidays quickly approaching, many dentists will begin to think of what they might purchase for their staff as a way of saying “thank you.” Before you consider out-of-office gifts, think in-office: what can you purchase now that might make their lives a bit easier in 2019 and beyond?

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  • Samantha Negraval

    When you hear the phrase “evolving dental technologies,” it’s often easy to focus on the “tech-iest” of products. By that, I mean lasers, scanners, sensors and other digital imaging gadgets of industry. While digital technology is increasingly important to accurate diagnostics and treatment planning, it’s important not to forget the evolving...

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  • Marie

    If you’ve ever lived anywhere without a washer and dryer, you know the struggle that is the Laundromat. In an attempt to save money (and time), I always shoved as many clothes into the dryer as possible. However, overstuffed dryers don’t dry clothes well. By the time I had reset the dryer enough times to actually dry the clothes, I had spent...

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