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Designed to reduce bioaerosols produced during routine procedures, the mirror can be quickly installed in each operatory using current...
Adult Occlusal/Child Occlusal Intraoral Photography Mirror #1, & # 2 are used to take occlusal intraoral photos
Miracle Suction multifunctional mirrors provide a clear view of the oral cavity, featuring multiple suction holes to free hands and save...
The Yirro-plus dental mirror system saves clinicians from unnecessary interruptions in their workflow because of a blurred mirror by...
The patented PRACTIview 2 Operatory Mirror from Practicon lets patients observe hygiene techniques, procedure progress, and treatment...
Henry Schein’s Maxima HD mouth mirrors are highdefinition mirrors that provide exceptional color and superior image clarity.
The Mirror Magic anti-fog system prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and offers the practitioner a quick method to remove debris during...
The EyeSpy mouth mirror is designed to render brilliant visual details in hard-to-see areas of the oral cavity. Utilizing a proprietary...
Henry Schein's double-sided mouth mirrors are back-to-back, front-surface mirrors offered in a durable contra-angle design. The...
Mouth Mirrors from American Eagle are front surface mirrors covered in rhodium to guarantee that the image does not distort.
The unbreakable a-dec Cascade Flip View Mirror from Palmero Health Care, which is easy to mount to a variety of dental operatory light...
DenLite Lamp for DP1500 provides a shadow-free view of the mouth with a one-watt LED bright white light.

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  • Allison Walker

    Do you remember that game? Maybe you still play it with family and friends today. It was created to test and develop the powers of perception and observation in young children, as well as vocabulary. But some of us never stopped looking for and identifying things for fun, or even a living. That’s basically what dentists and hygienists do all...

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  • Julie Cullen

    “We enjoy knowing that our products can make dental practitioners happy!” When I read that on the Zirc website, it just made me smile. It made me smile because I know that Zirc has developed a lot of products and systems that help dental practices improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase ROI, which is all serious stuff. But they’ve found a...

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  • Julie Cullen

    As a patient with a little more dental savvy than the average bear, thanks to my dental publishing experience, I am very self-conscious of way too many things when I’m sitting in the dental chair. Before I had this job I worried about the usual things: is my breath stinky? Do I have food between my teeth? Can they tell exactly how long ago it...

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  • Marie

    If your current vacuum system can’t meet this aerosol-reduction standard, you may want to consider investing in a new system that better protects you, your staff, and your patients. One choice that achieves this goal is DENTALEZ’s line of Aeras Ramvac vacuums, which turns your utility room into a ‘smart’ utility room. Aeras is the only utility...

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    • Date: 12/10/2020

    Dr Baliwas recommends 3-D scopes for better depth perception, realistic views, and ergonomics.

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  • Michael Howard

    Today’s dental composites offer a far more desirable, tooth-like appearance than traditional restorative materials like amalgam. However, despite the undeniable esthetic advantages, there remains some apprehension regarding their strength over time. With everX Flow, GC America delivers a solution to this dilemma. Newly available in the United...

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