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Our lightweight black disposable mirrors feature a non-slip handle and a front surface mirror, which eliminates a double image. Typically...
The perfect adjunct to the Mouth Mirror. The MirrorLite is now coated in titanium which resists corrosion and tarnishing. The Mirrorlite...
A Miltex front surface mirror eliminates the ghost image altogether because the reflecting layer is no longer behind the glass but on its...
Single-Side Cone Socket Mirrors are used for indirect vision such as retraction of lips, cheeks and tongue. These mouth mirrors also...
Sterilizable Mouth Mirrors 5 feature a front surface mirror that is attached to a glass-filled resin handle. Mirrors are...
Zirc Company's Crystal Double Sided Mouth Mirror Heads eliminates the possibility of corrosion due to the flush lens with mirror frame....
Crystal Mirror Heads Stainless Steel from Zirc Company are an autoclavable mirror head that limits eye strain and fatigue. It is 40%...

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  • Allison Walker

    Do you remember that game? Maybe you still play it with family and friends today. It was created to test and develop the powers of perception and observation in young children, as well as vocabulary. But some of us never stopped looking for and identifying things for fun, or even a living. That’s basically what dentists and hygienists do all...

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  • Julie Cullen

    “We enjoy knowing that our products can make dental practitioners happy!” When I read that on the Zirc website, it just made me smile. It made me smile because I know that Zirc has developed a lot of products and systems that help dental practices improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase ROI, which is all serious stuff. But they’ve found a...

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  • Julie Cullen

    As a patient with a little more dental savvy than the average bear, thanks to my dental publishing experience, I am very self-conscious of way too many things when I’m sitting in the dental chair. Before I had this job I worried about the usual things: is my breath stinky? Do I have food between my teeth? Can they tell exactly how long ago it...

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