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Save time and reduce stress with easy isolation, suction, and retraction. Isolite is a dental isolation system for clinical use by dental...
DryShield all-in-one isolation system combines high-suction evacuation and saliva ejection with a bite block, tongue shield, and oral...
Isovac® is a dental isolation adapter that can easily be relocated to any operatory in a dental practice. Isovac connects onto your...
This is the high-performance isolation solution you’ve been waiting for. The Isolite 3 allows you to quickly and easily implement a...
Our patented single-use mouthpieces are used in conjunction with the Isovac and have been specifically designed around the anatomy and...
Zirc’s Mr. Thirsty One-Step is an inexpensive and efficient hands-free device that retracts, isolates, and evacuates.
Imagine having continuous, hands-free vacuum suction that you can focus in the upper quadrant, lower quadrant or both. The Isodry® dental...
Although the DryShield autoclavable mouthpieces continue to be the most economical option for many offices, for certain practices a...
Improve patient comfort and safety with the heart of all three systems. Isolite Systems provides six sizes of Mouthpieces designed to fit...
Hedy Isodam is made of synthetic polyisoprene material that allows for 900% elongation, virtually eliminating tearing and the potential...
Practicon has added Fast Dams to its product line. Anatomically shaped Fast Dams are used in place of cotton rolls to retract the cheek...
The SE Cushion slides over the saliva ejector offering instant protection from tissue grabbing or irritation.

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  • Lauren Fedorko

    Procedures can be tricky. Especially when so much of your focus can be directed towards changing cotton rolls or a rubber dam just to make sure everything runs smoothly. A mouthpiece can make complex procedures easier and safer. Isolite’s Mouthpieces are engineered around the anatomy of the mouth which helps to accommodate every patient. Their...

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  • Allison Walker

    There isn’t a dental procedure that doesn’t benefit from a moisture- and contamination-free field. There isn’t a dentist or hygienist who wouldn’t benefit from a well-lit working field, not to mention hands-free isolation and retraction. There probably isn’t a patient who wouldn’t find this patented, award-winning method of keeping the mouth...

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  • Allison Walker

    Dentists rely on dental assistants. Hygienists probably wouldn’t mind having hygiene assistants. And sometimes assistants need assistance. The Isovac, from Isolight Systems, is essentially like having an extra hand, or pair of them, as the case may be. This mouthpiece provides hands-free retraction, isolation, and evacuation all at once. Isovac...

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  • Allison Walker

    A relentless focus on patient comfort and safety is key to the success of all dental practices. When they feel safe and comfortable, practices retain more patients and often see an increase in patient referrals. So it only makes sense that clinicians are always looking for ways to increase the comfort and safety of their patients. Aside from the...

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  • Julie Cullen

    One of my recurring nightmares. Sitting in the dental chair, holding my mouth open for what seems like hours, feeling poked and stabbed by the sharp edges of whatever it is they put in my mouth to keep my tongue out of the way, and getting more and more stressed as the time passes. Apparently there’s a solution to that particular problem....

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  • Julie Cullen

    You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Dryshield isolation system lately. It was featured at SiroWorld 2016 (watch a video here) and has been winning awards and high praise from evaluation teams, including a Dental Product Shopper Best Product rating. But let’s cut to the chase. Here are 4 things you should know about Dryshield: 1. It’s...

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