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4" & 5" Rubber Dam Frames are made of long-lasting stainless steel. They are used to hold rubber dam in place during dental procedures
Airway Armor protects a patient's airway from accidental aspiration and ingestion of unwanted materials. The single-use, perforated...
Practicing dentists recognize the simple truth behind the use of rubber dams: they are critical to the success and safety of endodontic...
Crosstex Latex Dental Dams are made of a rubber material and used as a barrier during operative and endodontic procedures. Low protein;...
The Ivory Rubber Dam Complete Kit from Heraeus is a self-contained unit that features all of the equipment that is needed for the Rubber...
Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps from Heraeus are available in different sizes and shapes as well as matte or regular finish in order to meet the...
Fiesta® color-coded clamps are individually color coded for easy time-saving identification.
The Hygenic® Dental Dam Stamp is used to mark standard tooth positions on dental dam and works with most office ink pads. 5" size marks...
Hygenic Dental Dam Material is used as a barrier during operative and endodontic procedures. Tough and hard to tear Latex
Super Dam is a latex dental dam that creates an uncontaminated working field and eliminates visual obstructions. Each dam is slightly...
Hygenic® Dental Dam Clamp Sets contain the clamps most needed for dam applications. Contains winged size: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8A, 9, 12A, 13A, 14A
Lab® Liqua-Mark is a color transfer liquid designed to reveal any high spots when seating crowns or noting high occlusion, contact and...

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  • Allison Walker

    Never underestimate the knowledge and curiosity of the dental patient. Did you know there is a Dental Phobia Support forum called Dental Fear Central? In February 2018, someone asked the forum “Is it bad that my dentist didn’t use a rubber dam on me to do my root canal?” Three out of four respondents said “yes,” but one noted that it’s...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Retraction and isolation in dentistry go hand in hand. With patented mouthpieces from Isolite Systems, you can achieve retraction AND isolation (and a host of other benefits) all at once with one of these systems - the Isolite, the Isodry or the Isovac. What’s the difference between Isolite’s 3 systems - Isolite, Isodry and Isovac? Well, one...

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  • David Broom

    A service agreement with TechCentral would incur a predictable operating expenditure and alleviate your capex burden. With your IT infrastructure proactively and remotely maintained, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing income during a down period. As your managed service provider, TechCentral absorbs the risk associated with making sure your...

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    • Date: 12/10/2020

    Dr Baliwas recommends 3-D scopes for better depth perception, realistic views, and ergonomics.

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    • Date: 12/10/2020

    Watch this short clip highlighting the new 3D dental scope from Seiler. There are some big differences compared to a traditional dental microscope, and we would even go so far as to say, for an unexperienced user, this might be the best investment when it comes to magnification devices.

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Being eco-friendly comes with many benefits: foremost among them is reducing unnecessary energy and waste. With the Earthcare program from Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT), you can benefit along with the environment because the recycling program allows you to earn free instruments for your practice.

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