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Q-Optics Through-the-Lens (TTL) Loupes are customized and uniquely built for individual facial and posture requirements.
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Neck pain is an epidemic among clinicians in all fields, and non-ergonomic loupes can play a role in this pain.
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PeriOptix frames are designed by premium brand names such as Adidas, Hogies, and Univet, allowing DenMat to provide exceptional quality,...
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SurgiTel offers 2.5x to 8.0x magnification, and the Compact Prism design provides the 3.5x to 4.5x range.
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The smallest and lightest ocular option, these loupes are attractive and easy to use. Contact your local rep today to try them for yourself!
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Designed with a perfect synergy between magnification and illumination, the XV1™ is the first and only wireless loupe and headlight in...
The Prime EX frame offers optimal eye protection and comfort with an exclusive ErgoFit Nose Pad system and wraparound design
​Enova Loupes, made in the United States, are the first on the market to feature colored oculars and are available in green, blue, pink,...
Vision USA's Task-Vision LED Magnification Glasses feature 2 bright LED lights that focus directly on the viewing area, and the loupes...
Q-Optics Flip Style Loupes (Ergonomic E-Hinge) are uniquely designed and built to offer both ergonomic comfort and precision performance.
SureFit Through-the-Lens (TTL) loupes from SheerVision feature an all-in-one design with extremely high resolution optics, an expanded...
Sporting high quality coated lenses with 2.5x magnification, the lightweight Task-Vision loupe is worn like spectacles and is easy to...

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  • Arthur Volker, DDS, MSEd, FAGD

    When it comes to making a big impact on your day-to-day patient care, it’s important to look beyond the large equipment. Why? Because it’s the small equipment—curing lights, loupes, handpieces, and the like—that can most significantly impact the ease and efficacy of our daily practice.

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  • James Kakos, DDS, FAGD, FICOI

    A graduate of Loyola University’s School of Dentistry, James Kakos, DDS, FAGD, FICOI, practices general dentistry in the Chicago area with a focus on cosmetics and implants. Here, he discusses the latest and greatest in restorative technologies.

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  • Marie

    Think about when you last purchased a set of loupes. What factors went into your decision to purchase? Likely cost was a factor – you’re not alone if you’re using hand-me-down loupes or if you scaled back in quality to save some cash. However, loupes, as extensions of your eyes, are worthy of some investment—both in the time it takes to find a...

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  • Marie

    Dentists, hygienists, surgeons and veterinarians are at risk of developing what SurgiTel calls “loupe neck,” which happens when improperly fitted loupes force you to bend your head too far forward, increasing the weight on your cervical spine. Loupes wearers do not need to resign themselves to a lifetime of pain. SurgiTel says you can prevent...

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  • Marie

    No one wants to be the next New Coke. Yet, that’s exactly where SurgiTel found itself 20 years ago when it released its multiple magnification loupes based on a patented design that had a housing built into the frames and then separate pairs of oculars mounted into those housings. What went wrong? SurgiTel did some research and found there were...

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  • Marie

    What matters to dental professionals when it comes to purchasing new loupes? Orascoptic recently did some market research to find out, in an effort to help refine its brand and ensure their products best meet professionals’ needs. Through research and analytics company Vennli, Orascoptic surveyed 150 general dentists, 105 specialists, and 30...

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