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Dental practitioners know that matrix bands play an important role in restorative dentistry. Using these small and effective tools, dentists are able to isolate one or more teeth, making it easier for them to view specific areas for their restoration processes. Furthermore, they help to protect the tooth or teeth being worked on, as well as the other teeth surrounding that area.

In recent decades, there have been significant improvements in the materials used to construct matrix bands, as well as improvements to their shapes and sizes. Today, matrix bands are contoured to mimic the actual shape of an anatomically correct tooth, making them easier to place and use. There are several excellent examples on the market for dental practitioners to choose from.

In addition, some matrix bands are coated with nonstick material, which prevents them from sticking to bonding agents and facilitates placement and removal from the tooth. Considering the frequent use of adhesives in restorations, removal can become difficult if the band becomes stuck to the tooth. Further increasing the ease of the process, bands can be easily removed with specially designed tweezers that offer a precise and secure grip around the bands.

To further improve visibility, matrix rings can clamp onto the teeth being worked on and isolate the area. With ring forceps to open the clamps wide enough to fit onto the tooth, restoration of the isolated area is an easier process for dental practitioners.

The best matrix products on the market are long-lasting and easy for dental practitioners to use. Dentists should look for products that promote precision, visual acuity, and ease of use when considering the tools necessary for their restorations. Keeping these qualities in mind, dental practitioners can choose matrix products that will benefit both themselves and their patients.


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Pro-Matrix Curve
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Pro-Matrix Curve


Pro-Matrix Curve is a single use, pre-assembled, precontoured matrix band that facilitates the restoration of interproximal anatomical contours and contact areas of the tooth surface. 

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Each ContactPro SmartBand has a clearly defined marginal ridge and is made of super thin stainless steel for contouring to the tooth.
Each ContactPro SmartBand has a clearly defined marginal ridge and is made of super thin stainless steel for contouring to the tooth.
The V3 Ring's nickel titanium construction improves strength and range of action. Triodent's V3 Ring, a new sectional matrix ring for...
SuperCurve's contours closely replicate the tooth anatomy, reducing fi nishing time. The matrix also hugs the tooth because of extra...
Composi-Tight matrix forceps from Garrison Dental Solutions combines a 75° angled tip design for easy band placement and serrated...
AutoMatrix Retainerless Matrix System from Caulk is designed to be used as a marginal seal and form for direct placement of restorative...
Triodent introduces the V3 Tab- Matrix. With its pronounced marginal ridge, the dentist can create a natural-looking restoration that...
They are flexible, so they bend along the vertical axis for insertion into the instrument provided in the kit, but they retain the...
Directa’s FenderPrime combines a wedge and matrix for fast and safe Class II restorations of primary teeth. FenderPrime inserts as easily...
Fendermate from JS Dental offers a unique solution for obtaining good approximal contacts for Class II restorations by combining a wedge...
Transparent tip for smooth, anatomically correct Class V fillings along the gum line. Plastic working end for LM-Multiholder instruments.
The ParaPost® Plus is a cylindrical, passively cemented endodontic post system for direct post and core buildup technique. Spiral flutes...

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    Sometimes a product name just strikes you as being perfectly descriptive of something. In this case it’s the process. Coform Matrix System from Directa Dental co-forms Class IV, and some tooth fractures, with you. You do it together! Coform matrices are preformed, transparent matrices made out of celluloid plastic that does not stick to...

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    CoForm from Direct Dental is a pretty nifty little product. It’s a pre-formed transparent matrix system that designed specifically to be used with Class IV composite restorations or when faced with a variety of tooth fractures. The technique is pretty simple. Fill the tooth preparation in layers like you would normally. Then, when you’re ready...

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