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Elsie G. dental lab coats boast breathable, 100% cotton pre-shrunk performance fabric that repels fluid, soil, and stains – including...
FIGS is innovating the medical uniform market by creating high-quality medical apparel with stylish, wrinkle-resistant, soft fabrics that...
​Henry Schein Maxi-Gard Isolation Gowns are singleuse, full-back disposable gowns that are designed to protect healthcare professionals...
Made of 100% nonwoven spunbond polypropylene with a polyethylene coating Latex free Touch-tab Velcro closure at neckline Hand sewn ties...
Medicom extends their SafeWear line by offering High Performance Lab Coats and Hipster Jackets in Jet Black color. SafeWear protective...
EDALU Products introduces TapKin, a disposable bib designed with a contour neck, an integrated strap, and adhesive tab. Studies show that...
MedFlex lab coats and jackets are non-allergenic, disposable, or reusable if autoclaved. Advanced garment technology provides fluid...
The Unisex Lab Coat from Fashion Seal Healthcare features a cloth knot button front with two wide lower outside pockets. The pockets...
Superior Uniform Group's Fashion Seal Healthcare Men’s Consultation Jacket provides a unique and professional style. It is designed with...
Superior Uniform Group's Fashion Seal Healthcare Ladies Side Flex Tunics have set-in sleeves and a concealed front pocket. The wicking...
Superior Uniform Group's Fashion Seal Healthcare Ladies Lab Coat is both practical and fashionable. It features a button front coat with...
Fashion Seal Healthcare Unisex Warm Up Jacket from Superior Uniform Group Inc. has a snap front closure and coordinating knit cuffs. It...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists are notorious for promoting nutritious eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. It’s ironic that their own occupations are listed as the unhealthiest jobs in America, according to a recent article in Business Insider. The article lists 27 jobs that are most damaging to a person’s health, and...

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    • Date: 08/13/2019

    To formulate this Top 10 list in the upcoming pages, we consulted our DPS evaluators, our editorial team, and website analytics on Through this data, we are able to provide you with the most popular and intriguing handpieces currently on the market. Researching your next handpiece purchase? You’ve come to the right...

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  • Steven Klett

    There are many reasons why dental healthcare professionals prefer to order supplies online, and most have to do with time savings and convenience. During a busy workday, it’s easier to search for and select the products you need online and to quickly place an order. If you forget something, modifying your order is just a simple click away....

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  • Allison Walker

    Sunstar’s GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barrier membranes have a unique, multi-layer composition that help stabilize wound sites and promote integration with periodontal tissues. The membranes have multiple layers, each with a different pattern of perforation, which controls the type of cell that can grow into the space within the membrane. The...

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  • Michael Howard

    Out of the available etching and bonding techniques, clinicians often choose total-etch systems. Clear advantages of this technique include predictably high bond strengths to enamel and dentin and a lack of interference with polymerization of dual-cure resin products. However, this approach isn’t without its challenges. When total-etching,...

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  • Michael Howard

    Temporary cements play a critical role in retaining provisional restorations to the extent that preventing premature dislodgment of provisionals can directly impact the outcome of the restorative process. Not only do these materials protect prepared teeth from bacteria and thermal insults, they stabilize the provisional appliance, maintaining...

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