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Elsie G. dental lab coats boast breathable, 100% cotton pre-shrunk performance fabric that repels fluid, soil, and stains – including...
​Henry Schein Maxi-Gard Isolation Gowns are singleuse, full-back disposable gowns that are designed to protect healthcare professionals...
FIGS is innovating the medical uniform market by creating high-quality medical apparel with stylish, wrinkle-resistant, soft fabrics that...
Medicom extends their SafeWear line by offering High Performance Lab Coats and Hipster Jackets in Jet Black color. SafeWear protective...
EDALU Products introduces TapKin, a disposable bib designed with a contour neck, an integrated strap, and adhesive tab. Studies show that...
MedFlex lab coats and jackets are non-allergenic, disposable, or reusable if autoclaved. Advanced garment technology provides fluid...
Fashion Seal Healthcare Men's Knee Length Lab Coat from Superior Uniform Group Inc. offers a unique style, while maintaining a...
Superior Uniform Group's Fashion Seal Healthcare Men’s Clinic Coat features a button front design with a snap at the neck for a...
IPS Object fix flow and putty are auxiliary firing pastes with different viscosities to support all-ceramic restorations during firing...
Fashion Seal Healthcare Ladies Consultation Jacket from Superior Uniform Group Inc. offers a unique blend of style, professionalism, and...
Superior Uniform Group's Fashion Seal Healthcare Unisex Lab Coat is a stylish, professional, and serviceable white snap front coat. It...
Superior Uniform Group's Fashion Seal Healthcare Short Sleeve Oxford Blouse features a button down collar and a left chest pocket. It is...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Dental professionals are subjected to all sorts of risk factors, which were scored from 0 to 100, with a higher score indicating an increased health risk.

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  • Ravichandra Juluri, DDS, MS

    After graduating from dental school in India, Ravichandra Juluri, DDS, MS, practiced general dentistry in Nepal before coming to the United States and specializing in Periodontics and Oral Implantology at Temple University. Dr. Juluri shares his favorite surgical products when practicing implant dentistry, from handpieces to topical hemostatic...

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  • Michael Howard

    Since its introduction in 1962, COLTENE®’s ParaPost®, the first standardized post system, has become the most widely used post in dentistry. COLTENE has continued to expand upon the original design, employing the latest advances in dental material technology to offer a versatile range of post systems for direct and indirect restorations.

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  • Michael Howard

    Occlusion is one of the most important, and perhaps one of the most underappreciated, concepts in dentistry. Cosmetic dental restorations such as veneers and bridges can work wonders, but AACD Member and course instructor, Dr. Nada Albatish, reminds dentists to remember the importance of function during diagnosis and treatment planning.

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  • Michael Howard

    Dental caries can have a massive impact on a child’s development, affecting everything from speaking and eating to learning and play. Thankfully, caries is wholly preventable. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and with it, Quantum Labs brings you new affordable and exciting ways to keep your youngest patients healthy and happy.

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  • Pulpdent Corporation

    To place an effective Class V restoration, it is important to understand how teeth absorb and distribute stress. To ensure the best outcomes, Dr. Frank J. Milnar uses ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE. In this clinical case, the patient presented has several failing restorations, Dr. Milnar walks us step-by-step through the restoration procedure.

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