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3M ESPE introduces RelyX Fiber Post now available in the new, smallest post size “0”, with a coronal diameter of 1.1 mm to complement...
The Flexi-Post Internal Wrench from Essential Dental Systems fits inside the cross slots of the head of the post and drives it into place.
Flexi-Post Fiber from Essential Dental Systems is the only fiber posts to provide superior retention and stability without requiring the...
The Flexi-Post Sterilization Box/Empty from Essential Dental Systems can store 10 posts of each size 00-03 and accessories.
Pindex® Laser System provides a simple way to fabricate precise parallel drill channels. The laser beam ensures easy, quick and reliable...
Flexi-Flange® Fiber posts made from epoxy reinforce high strength S-glass fiber. Superior retention and stability without requiring the...
ParaPost® XT Metal Wrenches are an accessory for the ParaPost® XT System. B is used for post sizes: 5, 5.5 and 6 A is used for post...
Essential Dental Systems' Taps for Flexi-Post and Flexi-Flange Fiber Posts feature a split shank, so that during tap insertion and thread...
Flexi-Overdenture® EZ-Change® Keeper and Cap Insert system allows for quick and easy nylon cap replacement. When worn, the cap insert may...
Pindex® Laser Retrofit Kit is a Pindex® accessory used for Mark II models only.
FluoroPost Precision Drills are used to prepare space for FluoroPost posts.
Core-Posts, made by DenMat Corporation, are single tooth restorative posts that can replace the standard metal posts and eliminate tooth...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    If you had a chance to try one simple, esthetic cement that met all your needs, why wouldn’t you give it a shot? That’s what Dr. J. Jerald Boseman thought when we asked him to evaluate Kuraray’s versatile, easy-to-use PANAVIA V5 resin cement for Dental Product Shopper. As a general dentist in Salt Lake City, Dr. Boseman had previously used...

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  • Allison Walker

    Composed of 80% glass fiber and 20% resin, Itena North America’s glass-fiber posts have an elasticity modulus very similar to dentin. This homogenous distribution of elasticity, much like that of a natural tooth, results in fewer failures than metal posts.

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  • Michael Howard

    Perio Protect® offers patients a non-invasive method to beat gum and peri-implant disease that complements traditional at-home and professional treatments. By using prescription Perio Trays™ for just 10–15 minutes a day, patients can deliver 1.7% hydrogen peroxide, a proven antibacterial agent, straight into gingival pockets as deep as 9mm.

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