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Integra Miltex Plain CatGut Sutures are uniform and smooth like a monofilament;therefore, it slides smoothly through the tissues.
Integra Miltex Chromic CatGut Sutures are high-quality Catgut Sutures that are uniform and smooth like a monofilament.

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    The Medit i500, available through Axsys Dental Solutions, presents a chance to step into digital dentistry and realize the many benefits of scanning without breaking the bank. Here, I’ll explore a few of those advantages as well as what some clinicians may see as a potential downside of investing in an intraoral scanner.

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    Along with the decreased time it takes to complete a restoration without compromising strength or esthetics, Tokuyama’s Estelite Bulk Fill Flow claims to be easy to place and applicable in deep layers without the concern of shrinkage. It’s no surprise that our team of Dental Product Shopper Evaluators were eager to test the product. Watch this...

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    Where should this unit be placed? How Do I Calculate my air exchange rate? The Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier is a portable air purifier that scrubs the air of dust, chemicals, and biological hazards.

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    YOUNG Innovations is focused on making products that keep patients and clinicians safe, creating products that are effective against emerging pathogens such as COVID-19.

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