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These bright colored toothbrushes have a comfortable handle and 32-tufts of soft nylon bristles. With the refreshing mint paste bonded...
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With extra-long bristles to sweep away plaque caught between teeth, the InterCare brush head has specialized bristle technology for...
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The GUM Technique Deep Clean combines advanced bristle design with a patented thumb pad for optimal access and cleaning. The brush...
The TOTAL CARE toothbrush has an angled neck to easily reach back teeth, a clean tip designed to clean back teeth, and an ergonomic grip...
Ultra soft brisltes are gentle on young teeth and gums. A suction cup base helps to reduce bathroom counter clutter and keep the brush...
OraLine Premium Kid's toothbrushes have all the features of leading national brands, with colored rubberized handles, designed wider...
GTX Titanium composite instruments give you the ultimate in application control over white restoration materials. Even the stickiest...
GTX Titanium composite instruments give you the ultimate in application control over white restoration materials. Even the stickiest...
The "Marker brush" design in a variety of kid-friendly colors makes brushing fun while the suction cup holder reduces counter clutter and...
The toothbrush handle features the Peanuts gang–Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Woodstock–in the midst of one of their neighborhood baseball...
The extra-soft bristles offer gentle, effective cleaning and fit comfortably into small mouths. Acclean Clifford toothbrushes provide...
The soft-textured tongue cleaner helps to remove up to 96% more odor-causing bacteria, and the raised cleaning tip provides better access...

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  • Lauren Fedorko

    The design of a brush is most important when determining its effectiveness, and Sunstar’s GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush accomplishes much more than what you would expect. Its superior performance can be attributed to its unique design that sets it apart from ordinary brushes. Dental professionals want their patients to clean their teeth...

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  • Michael Howard

    Whether it’s the dedicated patient who just can’t seem to improve their oral condition, the difficult patient who forgets or forgoes care, or someone in between, the Perio Protect Method is an ideal solution for patients experiencing any of the common symptoms of periodontal disease.

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    • Date: 05/05/2021

    Silginat is compatible with all common dispensing guns, features tamper-evident closure, and includes a shorter mixing tip. Watch this video for more exciting new features of Silginat Strawberry.

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