Cavitron Option for A-dec

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A-dec offers Cavitron ultrasonic scalers as a factory-installed option with A-dec 300 or A-dec 500 delivery systems. Dentists are able to combine Cavitron's magnetosrictive technology with the convenience of a fully integrated A-dec dental unit.

The benefit to the dental team includes simplifying the treatment room's environment, clearing up space, optimizing the patient experience, and putting more technology at the dentist's fingertips. With an integrated A-dec 300 and A-dec 500 delivery system, the A-dec deluxe touchpad gives the dental team an intuitive display, easy-touch control, and programmable memory for preferred ultrasonic power settings. Cavitron in-field installation kits and Cavitron-related products are available only through the DENTSPLY dealer network.

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Cavitron Option for A-dec
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