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The new Cavitron SPS Self-Install ultrasonic scaler from DENTSPLY Professional easily mounts under the dental tray to free up counter space. The unit features patented Sustained Performance System (SPS) technology to maintain scaling effectiveness and provide patient comfort. Water flow control on the handpiece allows the clinician to adjust lavage and enhance patient comfort more efficiently. The Steri-Mate removable handpiece is completely autoclavable to provide superior protection against cross-contamination, and the unique rotating cable attachment reduces cable-drag.

SPS technology automatically adjusts system power to maintain tip stroke compensation for clinical load and conditions. It delivers consistent tip stroke while enabling quick insert changes to maximize instrument adaptability. The unit's Blue Zone feature also assists the user to easily identify the power level most comfortable for subgingival scaling.

The Cavitron SPS Self-Install scaler connects directly to the dental control unit, and it uses 1 of the dental hoses to activate the scaler and to supply cooling water to the Cavitron Steri- Mate handpiece. The self-install concept saves space, eliminates the need for a separate foot pedal, and increases the convenience of using the ultrasonic scaler by placing it chairside. The scaler is self-install with no tech required.




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Cavitron SPS
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