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If you think back through history, some of the most influential rulers had keen intellect and knew how to exercise it wisely. Many were successful because they provided security and stability to their people.

Intelligence was a quality desired of leaders before modern technology, and now in present day, intelligent design is demanded of products and services people rely on daily.

With advancements in chemistry and technology, many dental manufacturers are elevating the quality of their basic restorative materials. Can there be an “intelligent” cement that stands above the competition? One manufacturer believes they’ve developed the solution.

Presented as “one cement to rule them all,” Cem EZ with IntelliTek Technology is Zest Dental Solutions’ (Danville Materials) latest innovation. If you’re thinking you’ve heard of IntelliTek before that’s because you have—with Zest’s Bulk EZ.

In Zest’s bulk-fill composite, IntelliTek controls and directs shrinkage while eliminating leakage in all posterior restorations. In a similar way, Cem EZ is formulated with IntelliTek to provide excellent adhesion to the enamel and dentin, as well as to a wide variety of restorative materials, including ceramic and metal. This adhesion protects against microleakage and ensures confidence in the longevity of indirect restorative procedures. IntelliTek also delivers long-term color stability for Cem EZ’s three shades: Translucent, Warm, and White Opaque.

In addition to high bond strength and optimal esthetics, Cem EZ was designed with efficiency in mind. For some procedures, such as Zirconia, only one adhesive (Prelude One) and the cement shade of choice is required. Zest’s chemists collaborated with dentists to develop the right viscosity for placement of crowns, inlays and onlays, and posts, and Cem EZ is universally compatible with modern, more acidic adhesive systems. Cleanup can be done with a simple tack cure. With Cem EZ, Zest provides the same level of esthetics as many other adhesive resin cements without the premium cost. The Cem EZ Starter Kit includes three 5 gm syringes for the three available shades, 24 automix tips, Sure Etch Gel, 12 etch tips, Prelude One, S-Bond, 40 applicator brushes, and one mixing well. Cem EZ is also available in a refill kit consisting of two 5 g syringes and 16 Automix Tips in Translucent, Warm, or White Opaque.


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