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Using a concentrate instead of a ready-to-use formula can help the office save money as well as inventory space. Easily diluted in ordinary tap water, 1 quart of Cetylcide-II concentrate makes 16 gallons of use-solution, making it a much more cost-effective option. There is no waste to deal with either, as the clinician can mix only the amount that is needed. With an alcohol-free formulation and a fresh lemon scent, the Cetylcide-II starter kit comes with 0.5 oz of concentrate with a 1-quart spray bottle. —Bob Alaburda




Meet the Evaluator: Diana Lynn Carr, RDHAP

As a self-employed mobile dental hygienist, I unfortunately do not have huge purchasing volume or a dentist buying products for me to try. Being a Dental Product Shopper evaluator sounded like a meaningful way to try new products within my limited budget resources. This also brings me an opportunity to stay current on products and services that I would otherwise have difficulty being exposed to.   Prior to becoming a hygienist, I was an emergency dispatcher for a small city. The hours were not ideal, the job was stressful, and my contact with the public...

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