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Pull a Fast One

Cfast Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

With Cfast, general dentists can treat simple orthodontic problems with a patient-pleasing solution.

Cfast from Triodent is an innovative cosmetic orthodontic procedure that straightens the front teeth, producing esthetic results in as few as 8 weeks at an attractive price-point for patients. It is not a replacement for orthodontic treatment, but is aimed at the 'social 6,' involving simple corrections that can be carried out easily by any general dentist. Using esthetic clear brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires, Cfast is readily accepted by patients. Unlike many clear aligners, the movement is more predictable and is typically completed faster with the average treatment time being 5 months.

The enhanced esthetics and minimal treatment time are attractive to existing patients and can help bring in new ones as well, opening up a new revenue stream in orthodontic treatment.

Learning to use Cfast is quickly and easily accomplished in a single full-day course that shows the dental team about case selection, setting the patient's expectations, placement of the brackets with tray aligners, follow-up adjustments, case finishing and retention' everything needed for a successful case. 'Bob Alaburda




Stepping into the Matrix

As a result of the complexities involved with the placement of composite resin in the posterior dentition, developments in matrix system technology have emerged, such as improvements in matrix design and interdental separation techniques. These innovations have allowed the dentist to achieve the most advantageous proximal contact surfaces and anatomically correct contours—so important for optimum form and function of the dentition as well as for stimulation and protection of the periodontal complex.  - Owens B, Phebus J. An evidence-based review of dental matrix systems. Gen Dent. September/October 2016   But what should you look for...

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