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Product Description

Clean & Boost is an aqueous cleanser designed to remove contaminants from the surface of a tooth prior to bonding. These contaminants include such things as: tooth debris, temporary cement, bacteria, blood, saliva, hand piece oil, imaging powder (used to create digital impressions for CEREC restorations), etc. Along with cleansing the surface, Clean & Boost will etch tooth surfaces to increase bond strengths of self-etch materials. Clean & Boost properly prepares the enamel surface, resulting in improved long-term results. While cleaning and etching, Clean & Boost also disinfects the surfaces being treated. Clean & Boost is completely rinsed from the surface after use and, thus, is compatible with all other dental materials.

Principle uses of Clean & Boost:
• Cleansing dentin and enamel surfaces
• Etching tooth structure for improved adhesion and long-term results
• Removing imaging powder from all surfaces
• Disinfecting tooth surfaces
• Available in a liquid or gel


Designed to prepare the enamel surface for bonding, Vista Apex Dental Material’s Clean & Boost is an aqueous cleanser that aims to remove any contaminants from the tooth surface, such as temporary cement, bacteria, blood, saliva, handpiece oil, and imaging powder used to create digital impressions for CEREC. After trialing the liquid and gel formulations of the material for this DPS evaluation Dental Product Shopper Evaluators rank features such as handling, viscosity, cleanup, sensitivity and more. Read why collectively these evaluators r...

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Clean and Boost pre-bonding prep cleaner
We use Clean and Boost to clean off any debris or blood in a prep before bonding. Additionally we use it to etch before applying a one bottle bonding agent (Superb) by just leaving it on for a few seconds before rinsing. It leaves a perfectly clean surface so I know I'm getting the maximum bond possible. It comes as a liquid or a gel, and we prefer the gel. It's very easy to apply and just takes a few seconds to rinse off.
from Bellevue, Washington,  
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We love how clean our preps look after we Clean and Boost them. It gives you confidence that your bonding agent will do the absolute best job.
from Greenville, NC,  
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Love it
Nothing cleans a prep like Clean and Boost. I haven't seen anything that removes clotted blood or temp cement like this does. Even though it cleans blood off teeth, it won't re-initiate bleeding that has been stopped with AlCl like PO4 etching does. It also slightly etches the tooth and seems to really improve bond strength of self-etching bonding agents. I used to clean preps with alchol and got a lot of white. I switched to Clean and Boost, and now I don't get white lines.
from ,  
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Clean & Boost
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