Clear-Lock Retainers for Life

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Replacement retainers can be reordered from the digitally stored data through faxed or e-mailed prescription from the dentist, freeing the patient from return office visits for impressions. Each Clear-Lock Retainer prescription comes with 3 single retainers (3 uppers or 3 lowers) or 6 retainers (1 set of 3 uppers and 3 lowers), so the patient always has spares on hand.




Over $5 Billion for a Good Night’s Sleep?!

The global sleep apnea devices market is expected to reach $5.3 billion by 2020, a huge increase from an estimated $3.7 billion in 2015, reports Markets and Markets .  The 5-year predicted increase is due to increased awareness of oral appliances, an increasing number of diagnosed sleep apnea patients, and improved reimbursement rates, along with other factors. Therapeutic oral appliances are expected to register double-digit growth in the forecast period, according to the report.  This is good news for manufacturers of oral sleep appliances  such as Keller Labs, Somnomed, and Glidewell.   By region,...

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Clear-Lock Retainers for Life
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