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ClearDream®, a dorsal oral appliance, FDA Cleared for the treatment of snoring and mild or moderate sleep apnea in adults uses ‘fins’ on the lower arch to advance the mandible. ClearDream is fabricated using a wax/design/inject process allowing for a one piece lower arch, reducing the likelihood of fin breakage. ClearDream features an anterior opening that creates additional tongue space, better airflow and increased patient comfort. The combination of the design and the Crystal Clear 450 material achieves sufficient retention, no ball clasps required.

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Bill G
I have only used this for two nights. I think you should consider pointing out this is not for a person that has a jaw that drops way down....the fins don't do a thing when the jaw is that far down. Also, when the fins are in place, each time the fins rub the noise wakes me up.
from Illinois,  
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