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Gold Standard of Retractors

The 1-piece cheek retractor/dry-field apparatus provides a high level of patient comfort while also creating a wide working area.

DENOVO's ClearField Gold cheek retractor is a simple, 1- piece cheek retractor that is fully sterilizable. The ClearField appliance is made out of a specially formulated FDA approved plastic that withstands the rigors of sterilization without any visible degradation through multiple cycles.

The 1-piece design is easy to use and easy to sterilize using an autoclave, chemiclave, or cold sterilization. Dry heat is not recommended, because some units may exceed the melting point of the appliance.

Developed by a leading orthodontist, ClearField Gold is perfect for direct bond applications, tooth whitening, or any procedure where a wide field of view of the anteriors to the first molar is required. Insertion and removal are easy, and the device is comfortable for the patient. The special tongue guard keeps the tongue from interfering in the procedure, and 2 aspirator hooks, one on each side, allows the user to attach an aspirator tip to the device to facilitate the removal of saliva. Cheek shields on either side provide comfortable retraction of the lips.

The unit can be purchased in a package of 6 units or can be purchased separately. -Joe Hill

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ClearField Gold
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