ClearView® Single-Use Nasal Hoods

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ClearView® Single-Use Nasal Hoods are designed to reduce ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory. The outer hood provides a clear view of condensation as the patient breathes through their nose. A soft inner hood creates a desirable facial seal, and bright colors and delightful scents engage patients of all ages.
•Low profile and latex-free.
•Hood-in-hood design draws excess gas into vacuum reducing ambient nitrous oxide in operatory
•Clear outer hood shows patient "breathing through nose" respiration (condensation appears in hood)
•Low profile expands clinical field of view and provides easier access to the mouth
•Single-use minimizes cross-contamination; saves staff time
•Latex-free material protects patients and staff who have latex allergies
•Available in adult and pedo Sizes
•6 Soothing Scents
•Individually Wrapped

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ClearView® Single-Use Nasal Hoods
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