Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit

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SS White's Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit

The Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit offers a selection of SS White instruments designed to keep patients at ease.

The new SS White Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit offers greater patient comfort during cavity restoration procedures by eliminating the need for anesthesia in most Class I, II and V preparations which leads to increased patient satisfaction.

The Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit contains a selection of instruments that optimize treatment efficiency and patient comfort, including Fissurotomy Burs for minimally invasive caries exploration and SmartBurs II for removal of carious dentin without harm to healthy dentin. The kit also includes Great White Burs for restoration removal, 12 and 20 blade trimming and finishing burs, and Jazz Supreme One-Step Polishers.

Each kit includes a sturdy, 22-drawer storage case and an item place-card for easy organization of instruments. The SS White Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit is the first in a series of SS White's Professional System Solutions kits designed to optimize treatment efficiency, conserve healthy dentin and increase patient satisfaction which can lead to increased referral rates for selected dental procedures. 'Bob Alaburda




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Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit
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