Composi-Tight 3D Clear

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The separator ring is an improved version of the Soft-Face 3D ring. It features the same tooth-hugging, soft silicone tip design that virtually eliminates buccal and lingual flash. The ring has been reduced in size and is more heat and chemically resistant, resulting in longer ring life. These improvements have also made them easier to apply on larger molars. Composi-Tight 3D Clear matrix bands come in 3 heights: 5.0 mm, 5.9 mm and 6.8 mm (all are .0020-in thin). All 3 sizes have tabs on the gingival edge to facilitate easier placement and are contoured in 3 dimensions. Additionally, the curvature is enhanced at the marginal ridge to provide improved anatomy. The Blue View tinting provides excellent contrast between the matrix and tooth structure, improving visualization without compromising composite polymerization. —Bob Alaburda

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Composi-Tight 3D Clear
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