Contact Matrix™ with Mega Rings

Product Description

Contact Rings and Mega Rings hold matrices in place, causing teeth to spread apart, creating tight, reliable contacts. Danville Contact Matrix with Mega Rings make excellent contacts by applying the most force. This innovative design allows for easy “stacking,” while converging tines prevent “popoffs” and offer the widest tines to span preparations. Ultra thin Contact Matrices with Mega Rings are made of resilient stainless steel that resist crumpling and ensure perfect contact and natural contour.


Contact Rings Feature:

  1. -Converging tines to make the rings far more retentive than parallel tines
  2. -Inward and outward tines for placement on either side of the cavity preparation
  3. -Occlusal offset to allow stacking and also clearance over obstacles like rubber dam clamps




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Contact Matrix™ with Mega Rings
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