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The new ContactPro® Sectional Matrix System provides a solution for Class II Restorations. The ContactPro® Ring provides consistent clamping force throughout the lifecycle of the product which helps achieve minimal flash and great contact! This ring was designed to allow for great visibility in your working area and better access for light curing. Pair the ContactPro® Ring with the coated or uncoated ContactPro® Smartbands for a snug fit at the gingival margin, the ContactPro® Wedge, and DryTips® for advanced moisture control for a successful Class II Restoration.


The ContactPro System ensures optimal Class II restoration contacts with consistency, reliability, and ease of use It’s a basic necessity for any Class II restoration, but achieving optimal contact is often more challenging than it seems. Microbrush International designed its sectional dental matrix system, ContactPro, to ensure successful Class II restoration outcomes with ease and reliability. A team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators recently tested the system of rings, bands, wedges, and forceps in their practices for 4 weeks. D...

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Microbrush ContactPro® Matrix System Review

Troy Schmedding, DDS talks about Microbrush International's new ContactPro® Matrix System for Class II restorations....

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ContactPro® Sectional Matrix System by Microbrush® International

The new ContactPro® Sectional Matrix System provides a solution for Class II Restorations. Learn more about our product at ContactPro® is a product of Microbrush® International, which develops, manufactures and markets innovative products focused on restorative dental procedures. Our products are designed to enhance everyday procedures....

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Technique Tips: ContactPro Matrix System

One of the downfalls of sectional matrix systems lies with the ring. The ring is what provides the necessary tension placed between the teeth to achieve an ideal interproximal contact. As the ring goes through multiple uses, the separating strength begins to diminish, resulting in metal fatigue, which is the No. 1 reason ideal contacts are not obtained in direct composite restorations. With the ContactPro Matrix System, Microbrush has solved this problem with a solution to the restorative dentist’s needs. ContactPro’s Memory Metal keeps the ring from fatiguing over time. Even after the autoclave process, the metal holds...

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Contact Pro Rings
These rings are effective and allow good visibility of the interproximal area.
from Fort Worth,  
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The utilization of a patent formulated metal called Nitinol in their rings has produced a fatigue less ring resulting in consistently strong contacts. Following the instructions is important because this system attacks the inter proximal space differently than most other matrix systems. It uses soft silicon pads on the ring to engage the height of contour of the tooth and provide stability to the ring as well produce a wonderful gingival seal.
from Walnut Creek, Ca.,  
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ContactPro® Matrix System
Microbrush International
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