Couture Diamond Finishing & Polishing Kit

Product Description

Containing both Finishing and Polishing Cups and Points and Diamond Polishing Brushes, our assorted Finishing and Polishing Kit saves time, is easy-to-use and provides superior results.

The Cups and Points are highly-loaded with ultrafine diamond particles for superior finished surfaces providing more life-like reflectance and luster. The uniquely engineered, extra-resistant plastic mandrel is molded to each unique Cup and Point shape providing structural support and ensuring that each instrument performs exactly as you expect: Points will retain their shape in fissures; Cups enable anatomical polishing of all broad/concave surfaces. And only two steps – Medium then UltraFine. The result: a superior gloss effect with ultra-smooth surfaces that do not retain bacteria.

The Diamond Polishing Brush is made of diamond-filled cellulose filaments that can be used firm when dry or ultra-soft when wet. So gentle you can polish right to the gingival margin, even onto soft tissue, safely and without damage. Superior polishing for a final high gloss, lustrous, natural result.

It consists of the following:

•   3 Medium grit (green) Diamond Finishing Cups
•   3 Medium grit (green) Diamond Finishing Points
•   3 UltraFine grit (blue) Diamond Polishing Cups
•   3 UltraFine grit (blue) Diamond Polishing Points
•   3 Diamond Polishing Brushes




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Couture Diamond Finishing & Polishing Kit
Centrix, Inc.
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