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These gloves have been exclusively fitted and shaped to help alleviate stress and fatigue over extended wear. Cranberry Curve Fitted gloves are available in 6 left and right fitted sizes for the perfect fit and natural comfort.

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Best non-latex gloves I've tried
Best non-latex gloves I've tried. They are fitted right and left so there is less stress on my hands. They also fit like latex gloves, not too stiff.
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Great for arthritic hands.
I've been in practice for over 35 years, and with age come some aches and pains. Having a touch of arthritis in my right thumb, these gloves have been a career saver. Being hand specific, you don't get that extra tautness pulling at your thumb when doing your hygiene duties. I think every clinician should wear hand specific gloves, it will prevent a lot of future problems. Also, since our office has switched to all latex-free gloves, these fit the bill perfectly!
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Cranberry Curve Fitted
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