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Crest Pro-Health Rinse provides a cleaner, healthier mouth. It kills 99% of germs that can cause plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath, without the burn of alcohol.
This rinse provides 12-hour protection against plaque and gingivitis and is proven to kill 99% of common germs that cause plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath.




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What happened to the clear formula?
This was my rinse of choice until I could no longer find the clear variety. I don't like alcohol in my rinse and love the clean and fresh taste of Crest Pro Health. I also liked that there was a variety with fluoride that I could recommend to patients who had that need. My biggest complaint is that the blue variety causes stain on some patients teeth. I have several patients, the dentist that I work for included, who have come in for a cleaning with brown stain similar to that of what coffee drinkers have. These are people who do not drink coffee, tea, wine, colored juices or cola drinks. The only thing in common is the use of this blue mouthrinse. They did not have this side effect when they used the clear version. So, I have knocked my rating down a star since the clear version does not seem to be avaiable anymore - at least in my area.
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Crest Pro-Health Rinse
Procter & Gamble Company
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