Custom SideKick Patient Education System

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In addition to an already robust and dynamic program, the Custom SideKick includes many new exclusive features, such as a “Smile Imaging” module, a continuous-play movie module, and the ability to e-mail multiple audio and animated procedures to patients. It loads to an existing server network or to individual computers and offers very clear audio/video operational instructions. The Custom SideKick loads instantly and is very simple to use, even for dentists who are not computer savvy. While most patient education programs are limited to playing movies, the Custom SideKick excels by encouraging dentist–patient interaction; it allows a dentist to instantly show patient education examples and illustrations as he or she provides an explanation, without having to play a long, structured movie. The Custom SideKick sports a new design and works with both Mac and PC operating systems. Custom SideKick program content—including animation, animated links, bilingual text and narration, and a printable informed consent—can be linked to any Website. —Bob Alaburda


Practice Builder

Practice Builder

Is Your Patient Education Relevant in Today?s Digital World?

Take a look around your practice. Do you have a flat screen in your reception area with rotating images of actual patients? Is your team using the latest camera to capture quality before and after images and backing them up appropriately? Do patients receive regular educational content that they can obtain in the midst of their busy lifestyles?for example, on those phones in their hands? Do they walk into appointments with questions and ideas based on what they?ve seen or read about your treatment opportunities? Quality dentistry results when management and clinical systems function together. Each contact...

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Custom SideKick Patient Education System
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