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Lip Service Your Patients Will Love

Lips Inc. lip balm can provide patient comfort and offers dentists a way to market their practices.

Lips Inc. lip balm is defined by the quality and content of its essential and carrier oils and the formula used to create it. This all-natural formula developed by professionals with years of experience, ensures a pleasurable application that will leave lips soft and moist.

When a patient's mouth is open for an extended period of time, it can become dried out. Lips Inc. lip balm can be used to pretreat patient's lips before either a cleaning or procedure. After the initial use, the hygienist can then give the patient the tube of lip balm to keep. Orthodontists often use the lip balm as a band block.
Lips Inc. lip balm is being used for corporate branding in almost every industry such as dental, med-spa, charter airline, real estate, hospitality, high tech, and retail. Lip balm is becoming a favorite over other kinds of giveaways such as pens, toothbrushes, dental floss, and key chains, which are often just tossed in the garbage or drawer and never used. Some dental offices display the lip balm in a basket on their reception counter.
Lips Inc. lip balm provides a nongreasy and nonsticky application that lasts a long time, and it rivals premium and specialty lip balms found on the market. 'Jason Schwartz

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Customizable Lip Balm
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